Think & Write #57

Lending a Hand

Maxwell bended down and groaned in pain.  Painting wasn’t easy for him, since he had a bad back.

Looking at the whole side of the house, he sighed.  He just started, and he still had a long way to go.

Suddenly, A neighbor kid walked by.  What he saw was an old man struggling with a paint can.  When he saw this, he ran over to him.

“Mr. Gables….” he gasped.  “Do you need any help?”

Maxwell smiled, and handed the kid a paintbrush.  “Certainly, Darryl.  Have the day off today?”

Darryl nodded.  “Yes.  The grocery store didn’t need me today.  They’re a little slow on Sundays….”

Maxwell nodded.  “Then you can help me paint this house.  It need a few coats of new paint.  I’ll paint the lower side.  You can paint the higher side.  My back’s killing me, and it would be better if you did it.”

Darryl nodded.  “No problem, Mr. Gables.  I didn’t really have anything else to do today….”

“There you go.  When you’re done, I’ll make sure you’re paid for your time.   A good worker is worth his wages….”

With that, Darryl and Maxwell worked on painting the house.  Darryl painted the upper half, using the ladder while Maxwell painted the lower half.  While they were doing this, Mrs. Gables provided lemonade for both of them.

By the end of the day, the house was painted.  Well, at least one side of it was.  Maxwell paid Darryl and thanked him.

After Darryl left, Maxwell smiled.  “It’s so nice to have a good neighbor,” he said.


©2012  K. L. Walker