Think & Write #52

The Family Blessing

Now family curses are something that no family ever desires to have.  Unfortunately, it is beyond a family’s control to decide whether they want to live with one or not.  The offspring are often the ones who have to live with the curse.  The one to blame then, is the eldest member of the family tree that started the curse.

For David Willowbrook, he was about to receive a curse that would affect his whole family.  He was completely unaware of it and how it happened.

In looking at the time and place, this happened happened before any family was formed.  Before David even met Stacy.  But little did he know that their fates would cross eventually….

David was in college, late for class.  He was a freshman at Nimbleburg University, studying business and finance.

On his way to class, David was not watching where he was going.  He collided with this mysterious looking man.

Upon doing this, got up and apologized.

The mysterious man was upset.  He whispered a couple chants.  He then said, “Your days will be cut short.  Both you and your wife.”

David gasped.  “Wife?  I’m not even married yet.”

The mysterious man smiled.  “You haven’t met her yet.  You will soon enough.  Enjoy the few days you have, while you can….”

At that, David backed away.   He couldn’t describe it, but he felt a negative energy coming from the mysterious man.  He picked up his backpack and ran off to class.

A couple hours later, Stacy came by with her earphones on.  A year old than David, she was a sophomore.  She had a portable CD player in her pocket and she walked forward, joyfully humming the music to her favorite song.

Unfortunately, she was unaware of the man that was next to her.  Upon colliding with him, she fell over, with her portable CD player falling out of her pocket.  The disc player was broken.

Stacy gasped.  “My music!”  She then looked at the mysterious man.  “Oh, sorry!  I didn’t see you there….”

The mysterious  man whispered a couple chants, like he did with David.  He then said to her,  “Your days will be cut short and you will be barren.  If you have children, their days will be cut short.”

Stacy shook her head.  “Children?  I’ve never slept with a man and I’m not married yet.”  She then frowned.  “Was that some kind of curse?  You’re creepy, you know that?!”

The mysterious man smiled.  “You will see what it is when it happens.   You’ll meet him soon.”

Stacy suddenly felt very uncomfortable.  “Um, I’m leaving.  Bye!”

Stacy ran off, carrying her broken CD player, her purse and her backpack.

That night, Stacy had trouble sleeping.  The whole thing about the curse bothered her.

That very same night, the mysterious man died.  No one knew how it happened.  Someone just found him laying near a frat house.  There was no blood or anything.

The very next day, Stacy was tired.  Still freaked out about the curse, she entered a cathedral and told the priest about the curse.  It was as if something was haunting her.

When the priest heard this, he prayed over her and blessed her.  After he did that, Stacy felt a sudden sense of peace over her.  She thanked the priest and left the cathedral.

David too, was disturbed from that night.  That same day, he met Stacy for the first time.  Stacy talked about how she met the mysterious man and how he said that she would meet him soon.

At this, David gasped.  He then told Stacy about the curse.  He mentioned a disturbance over him that won’t go away.  Stacy wasted no time and took David to the cathedral.  Stacy presented him to David. David then told the priest about the curse that the mysterious man mentioned to him.

The priest then prayed over David and blessed him.  Like Stacy, David felt a lot better.  With that, they both left the cathedral.

Odd as it was, that was how David and Stacy met.  They ended up getting married.  Since the day they met, both of them forgot about the curse.  It was made into a blessing, so none of them thought about it anymore.

A few years later,  David started a family.  With the curse gone, the effect was different.  A blessing was on his family, instead of a curse.

Stacy knew this, since she was not barren.  She was actually very fertile.

With the birth of their first son, both David and Stacy looked at their newborn with wonder.   What kind of blessing would their son would bring to their family?   Only time would tell….


©2012  K. L. Walker

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