Think & Write #51

White Collar Toast

Franklin stood up at the dinner party.  The dress was formal, and all the glasses were filled with wine.

The room was still noisy, so Franklin grabbed his glass and clanged his fork on it.  After a few clangs, the room quieted down.

“Everyone…..” Franklin began.  “I would like to make a toast tonight.  A toast to Steve Silverstein, my boss at the table over there. ”

Franklin continued.  “Steve has done some wonderful things for Velocity, the great company that we work for.  His hard work and determination has brought our company to its third successful quarter.”

Every table applauded in response to Franklin’s statement.

“You remember how it was before,” Franklin continued.  “This company, Velocity, was on the verge of bankrupcy.  Steve here turned it around.  Because of this, we all get our raises.  A couple of us get our promotions.”

Franklin raised his glass.  “So everyone, raise your glass and let’s toast to Steve Silverstein, the one who revived Velocity and gave it a new lease on life.  We owe Steve this toast, so everyone, let’s drink to it.  To Steve Silverstein and this wonderful company, let us toast.”

“To Steve Silverstein!” Everyone repeated.  After that, everyone clanged their glasses together and drank their red wine.


©2012  K. L. Walker