Think & Write #50

The Flood

Billy flushed the toilet.  He just started using the bathroom alone.  He just finished going to the bathroom.

However, instead of the water going down the bowl, it began to fill up.  It then started to overflow.

As Billy was washing his hands, he saw water all over the floor.  “Mommy!” He shouted.  “There’s water coming out of the toilet!”

At this, the mom gasped and entered the bathroom.

The mother was horrified at the mess that was in the bathroom.  There was water everywhere, with a  couple wet wads of toilet paper.   “Billy!  You clogged the toilet!  Now, I’m going to have to unclog the toilet and clean the floor.”  The mother then looked Billy in the face.  “Billy, did you use a lot of toilet paper?”

Billy shook his head.  “No, mommy….”

The mother frowned.  “Be honest with me, Billy, because I’m going to tell daddy.”

Billy, now full of guilt, nodded.  “Yes mommy.  I’m sorry….”

The mother, now holding a plunger, sighed.  “It’s okay, Billy.  Just let mommy clean up the mess.”

With that, the mother told Billy to go and play with his toys.  She then unclogged the toilet with a plunger and used a mop and cleaning solution to clean the whole bathroom.

When the mother was finished, the whole bathroom was clean.

From that point on, Billy was careful with how much toilet paper he used, and not another flood happened again.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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