Think & Write #49

Unfinished Report

Brent stared at a blank computer screen.  He had a 1,000 word book report, and he hasn’t even started yet.

Brent was in the computer lab in the library.  Looking at the screens of the other kids, they had a lot more done than him.

For Brent, it wasn’t that he was lazy.  It’s just that he didn’t know what book he should read.

“This is so hard, I should work on my Trigonometry homework,” he muttered.

Brent went back to the book shelves again.  They were the same ones that he looked through before.  He looked through the shelves again,  finding nothing new.

The teacher was over at a nearby table, watching the students work.  After that, the teacher turned his attention to the mini-essays that they did at the beginning of class.

Brent went over to the teacher.  He hoped that he could help him with his book selection.

At that, the teacher smiled.  “It doesn’t matter what book you choose.  Just know that it’s due tomorrow….”

Brent nodded.  “Thanks.”  He then returned to the computer lab.  Looking at the clock, class was almost over.  In not even having this report started, Brent would have to stay after school, looking for a book to check out.

All Brent knew was that the inevitable was going to happen.  Tonight was going to be be a long night for him.  A long night either paved in success or failure.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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