Think & Write #53

Last Day on the Beach

Will looked at the forecast.  The temperature was going to be 80 today.  Tomorrow, it would be 20 degrees cooler.

“Last day I can go,” he sighed.

When he got to the beach, a good number of people was there.  It was a Saturday, so a lot of people were able to enjoy this last day in the sun.

There were only a few days left in the summer.  After that, the weather would change.  It would be much cooler.

Will, with his suit on, felt the water of the lake.  It was a little cooler than it was earlier in the summer.  This was Summer’s last stand.

Will smiled, trying to hold on what was left of the day.  Since the water was a little too cold, he decided to read a book.

The book he read was a science fiction novel.  One of those types of stories where the character lives in a dystopian world.  At the height of the world’s civilization, war destroyed it and they had to start over.  The result was a world that used steam-punk technology.

Will closed the book.  It was a really good read, but he had to take a break.  He had to put some suntan lotion on before he got burned.  It was the last day for this.  A last day to bathe in the sun while reading a good book.

After applying the lotion, Will took a swig of his Pepsi and continued reading.  The day was half over, with only half a day of sun remaining….


©2012  K. L. Walker