Think & Write #9

Unable to Awaken

Angela pulled back the covers and got up from her bed.  This was not the bed she was sleeping in.  Looking at her pajamas, a sudden realization hit her.  Those were not the pajamas she was wearing, either.

The pajamas that Angela remembered wearing were a bright orange, with yellow dots all around.  The ones she was wearing were totally different.  The pajamas she were were pink, and resembled a dress.

Looking back at her bed, Angela remembered sleeping in a full-size bed.  It had a bright green comforter, too.  Instead, this was a queen-sized canopy bed, with with white sheets and a white comforter.

Regardless of the changes, Angela accepted them and continued on.  The world around her was not the world that she remembered.  It was a world of her own imagination.

Angela skipped through this world, carefree.  While she was in her early thirties, she maintained the innocence of a child.  She often did this in her dreams.  Outside her dreams, she acted like an adult.

After skipping through a field of flowers of every color, Angela decided to wake up.  After pinching herself a few times, a sudden reality sent chills down her spine.  She wasn’t going to wake up.  She was stuck in her world.  The only thing she could do is learn to live in it.

Upon having this thought, a nervous smile came on her face.  Perhaps it won’t be so bad, she thought.

So Angela remained in her own world.  The world of her dreams.  The world of her imagination.  And she never returned to reality, because she was unable to awaken.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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