Think & Write #10

Paradise’s Clever Disguise

Jolene looked out the window.  It was another sunny day, like always.

“Always sunny,” she sighed.  “Isn’t the weather ever different?”

Bradley smirked.  “Of course not.  We’re in the Paradise Republic, remember?”

Jolene scowled.  “I know that the weather doesn’t change.  I just would like it to, sometime.

Jolene walked around the room.  Posters of a political figure hanged everywhere in the house.

Jolene sighed.  “I wish that we didn’t have to have all these stupid posters.  That Ivan Nimsky’s a fake, you know.”

Bradley nodded.  “I know.  Outwardly, he’s a man of peace.  But inwardly, he’s a cruel dictator.  But it’s not like we can escape.  We’re on a floating continent, so good luck with that.

Jolene grinned.  “Maybe there is a way to escape.”

“You think there is?  No one can escape Terra Majesto!  No one ever has!”

“Not until now.  If the Master wants us to escape, we will.”

“He might, but don’t be so reckless.”

“I want to escape, though.  I want to see what’s in the world below.  I really want to leave this socialist’s paradise….”

Bradley gasped.  “You better hope his spies aren’t around. They’ll arrest you for saying that.”

“Let them.  I’ll escape their jail, too.”

An alarm suddenly went off.  Maybe it was something Jolene said.  Whatever the cause was, it happened to trigger the alarm.

The alarm sounded louder and louder.  It served as an indicator.   An indicator that Jolene and Bradley’s troubles were only beginning….


©2012  K. L. Walker