Think & Write #8

The Parched Land

Everett looked outside his house and frowned.

The fields outside were totally dry.  The  sweltering heat of the sun beat down on the rows and rows of starving crops.

The worse part about this is that it has been like this for weeks.  Even worse still is the harsh reality that Everett, having a small farm, could not afford the irrigation tools needed to keep his crops watered.
The land remained devoid of moisture.  There was not a single cloud in the sky.  It was 103 degrees, with no indication of the temperature going down in the next few days.

Everett left his house and cried out: “Oh, if my crops could have a little bit of rain!  They are about to die.  If I lose these crops, I lose everything….”

Everett walked out to the crops and threw himself down on his knees.  He folded his hands and looked to the sky.  “Lord,” he prayed, “please water these fields.  They are dying a thirst and are crying out to you.  Please answer their cry!”

A few hours later, a darkening cloud entered the sky.  Before long, the entire sky was dark.  Torrents of rain began pouring down on the land.  After having a drought for weeks, the parched land was parched no more.

And while it was a start, Everett quietly thanked God and entered his house.  The air became cool, and the torrents became a steady rain.


©2012  K. L. Walker