Think & Write #7

Leaving the Colony

Tigerlily pouted.  She pounded her fist into the ground.  The pouting became a fit of frustration.  He raised his fist and beat the dew drenched grass.

“Why can’t I separate and leave the colony?”  He shouted.

Cobralily looked at Tigerlily sternly and brought his hand to his face.  “Geminis are not supposed to leave the colony.”

“Why can’t I?” She pouted.

“It’s a rule of the colony.” Cobralily affirmed with her soft and stern voice.  “Geminis are not supposed to separate either.”

Tigerlily frowned and then changed into his/her alternate form (a form often used by Geminis to increase their productivity).  A male and female both stood there, shaking their head in disagreement.  Upon deciding, they both agreed to finish each other’s sentences.  Being two halves of the same body, this was possible for them.

“If you don’t let us leave….” The male said.

“….we’ll leave on our own.”  The female said almost immediately.

And it was so.  Tigerlily was no more.  Upon separating,  their alternate form became permanent.  Each left the colony with half their name. Tiger and Lily each went their own way, in their own direction.  Their paths were opposite of one another.

Having banished themselves from the colony, the half-Geminis were ready to live their lives anew – separate from each other.  With each having no regrets, their union was over, but their journey has just begun….


©2012  K. L. Walker