Think & Write # 6

The Perfect Game

I threw the ball, and watched it roll down the lane.  Quickly it went,  directly into a row of pins.  All of them fell.  Another strike.

I looked at the score. 270.  I haven’t missed a single pin yet.  Nor do I plan on doing so.

I bowled the ball again.  All the pins fell.  280.  It was the final frame, so I had two balls left….

Once again, I threw the ball down the lane.  they all fell again.  290.  Just 10 more to go….

Full of confidence, I knew I had the last one.  I threw the ball down the alley.  The ball hits the pins, and….

The center pin wiggled back and forth.  It almost fell, but it didn’t.  It stood right back up.  299 was the final score.  Just one pin shy from the perfect game.

Looking at that one pin, I scowled.  I WILL get that one pin some day.   I will knock them all down, and score the perfect game.

With that, I started a new game.  Someday will be today.

I paid up front and the lane was reset.  I raised my ball and approached the lane.  Perfect game, here I come….


©2012  K. L. Walker