Wild Card Friday: My Journey Through Middle Earth.

Having neglected The Lord of the Rings for much of the summer, I have decided to continue reading this book.  Simply put, this week’s Wild Card Friday will briefly touch on this matter, as well as addressing my absence from this blog.

First of all, I plan on continuing The Lord of the Rings.  The plan is to read 2 chapters a day.  At that pace, the book should be read in about a month.  Knowing how I have stopped reading this in the past, we’ll see how far this commitment will go.

In addressing other matters,  it is increasingly obvious that I have not left any news on this journal since last week.  Chalk it up to being too busy and having a life outside this journal.  Granted, the political climate can be frustrating at times, which is why I have not immersed myself so much in the blogs, newspapers, and broadcast news lately.

You’ll see more news here, I assure you, after I figure out the best way to go about this juggling act. To all of you in the blogosphere, have a good Friday. I’ll see you back on Monday…I hope.

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