Wild Card Friday: For Your Amusement, an Entry About My 25th Birthday.

Having my birthday two days ago and other issues this week, I have not be able to post anything new in the past week.  To make up for it, here is a post about my 25th birthday.  Enjoy!

Today is my 25th birthday!  Since it’s after 8:52,  I have already turned 25. For this year, it was a pretty typical setup for a birthday.  I ate at Genji and had beef gyoza, a super crazy roll, and Lobster Tail and Filet Mignon for dinner.

With it being my birthday, I got a 50% discount on the dinner.  The dinner of course, came with onion soup (or miso soup, which I will probably get next time), a salad with house dressing,  and the dinner, served with grillled vegetables, fried rice, and plenty of yum-yum sauce on the side.

At home, not expecting too many gifts this year, I received a Snickers bar, a Coleman light keychain, a $20 Marathon gas card, a $20 NCG cinema card, and 2 pairs of pants. Cake and ice cream followed.  It was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, something that hasn’t been done since my 21st birthday.

To balance the chocolate equation, I had two scoops of Bryer’s vanilla ice cream. All in all, it was a good birthday.  Thoughout the day, I played Katamari Damacy.

I will now play some more. Just one more thing:


TO MOI!!!!! ^_^

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