Wild Card Friday – My Journey Back to Copia.

As I mentioned above, I will be making my journey back to Copia.  And so far, it looks like it’s going to be a long one.  For Wild Card Friday this week, I will be discussing my gradual return to Copia in the distant future.

For those of you who are not in the know with my story terminology, Copia is the world where the events of my story The Master’s Chronicles takes place.  In making my journey back there, you might be expecting another excerpt of my story.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.  In announcing my journey, I am referring to my gradual return to continuing on my story. Among other things that currently occupy my time,  I am in the midst of a story that one of my friends have written.  With them currently being in the country at the time, I willfully concede to undergo the task of reading every last page of their story.  An ordeal that could be completed in just a few short days.  The name of their story is Morgavia and I am reading Volume 0: The Chain that Links Two Hearts.  It is an invigorating story of high fantasy and adventure and I have only read the first six chapters in this eighteen chapter volume.

Another obstacle in my path is J.R.R. Tolkien’s magnum opus The Lord of the Rings.  Being almost finished with book 1  of the first volume: Fellowship of the Ring, I am not even halfway through the book yet. Even with these two stories diverting me from my journey, I am determined to reach Copia sooner or later.  While these stories won’t halt the progress of my story completely, they will only slow things down.

In the midst of reading these stories, gradual progress will be made on The Master Chronicles.  It just won’t be as fast as I want to see it. My, it has been a while since I last wrote anything.  In returning to my story, I feel like an artist returning to their easel and canvas.  Having a dried palette, the colors need some moisture added to them.  The trouble then comes with finding the right colors to use.

Before all this is formulated, they are faced with a daunting task.  What am I going to paint? What will I create? The pale pastels just won’t do.  Only the most vibrant colors will work.  They need that moment of inspiration that can’t be squandered.  Once it’s there, they have to run with it.  Just mix those colors, kiss the board with the paintbrush bristles, and create a masterpiece. So is true with me.

When that moment of inspiration comes, I must run with it and create the most vibrant colors imaginable.   And I must hurry, before that bursting flame of inspiration fades into oblivion. When I find that muse, I must capture it and bring it into submission before it escapes.  Because knowing this one reality shared among novices and great writers alike, they do escape.

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