Come on, Microsoft!

Now this is just outrageous. Microsoft,  of all companies, is building a bridge using some of the stimulus money.

Microsoft is getting some serious criticism these days, following disclosures that the federal stimulus package would help pay for a bridge connecting the company’s two campuses in Redmond, Wash. The 480-foot overpass is being described as a “shovel-ready” project that would ease local congestion, reports ComputerWorld. Microsoft is contributing $17.5 million of the cost and the federal government is planning on adding $11 million.

With Microsoft being one of the wealthiest companies in the world, I think they should pay for the whole bridge themselves.  Heck.  We pay for pretty much most of their products that we use on our computers (of course, with the exception of the Mac users).

Why should we have to pay for their bridge? Other companies like Sears and Nintendo will be getting a free ride on this bridge as well, all at the goverment and Microsoft’s expense.  Microsoft should be paying for the whole thing,  but were unable to resist having the government pick up part of the tab.

With Microsoft Bridge 2009 in place, I can only hope for one thing — there better not be any bugs in it.