Stop apologizing, already!

Mr. Obama, if it’s anything you should be apologizing about, it’s for amassing a debt greater than the total debt from George Washington to George W. Bush.  Or perhaps it should be for breaking your campaign promises that you made to your democratic compatriots.

Furthermore, you should apologize to every person, every child, and every grandchild that will have to pay for the debt that you gave this country.  None of the apologies that you gave to Europe and Turkey were necessary. Are you apologizing for our success? Our arrogance?  In keeping this world safe from terrorism, I would not call this arrogance.  Killing Zarqawi, capturing Saddam Hussein, liberating Iraq from a tyrannical dictator….This is the furthest thing from arrogance.

The United States was the most kind, and the most benevolent country the world has ever seen.  What reason would Obama have to apologize? Obama apologized because of the adulation and praise he craved from each country he visited on his European tour.  It was one big ego trip.  Unforunately, some countries didn’t receive him so well.

I am tired of the apologies.  They are not necessary considering our track record with the rest of the world.  And if you must apologize, apologize to America for ruining this country.