The Omnibus Spending Bill – Porkulus: Part II!

I guess we better invest in pork, because pork prices are about to go through the roof! The House yesterday just passed ANOTHER SPENDING BILL.  That’s right.  This one has been commonly coined as the Omnibus Spending bill.

If you thought the last spending bill was outrageous, think again.  At $410 billion, this bill may contain half of the spending of Porkulus I ($790 billion), but there’s WAY MORE pork in this new one.  There’s a total of about 9,000 earmarks in this new bill.  This is really starting to get out of control.

I think that Congress is totally addicted to pork.  Wouldn’t they be sick of it already? We should start a recovery group for them.  Porkaholics Anonymous.  Each member of congress can walk up to the front of the room, and ADMIT that they have an earmark problem.  Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and all others involved in this wasteful spending in Washington can all walk up and admit that they have this problem.  There is, however, one major problem in all of this.  They are all in denial,  so NONE of them can admit that they have a problem.

Furthermore, in Presdient Obama’s budget, he has around $600 billion set aside for universal healthcare.  I would very much rather pick my own doctor instead of the government picking it for me.  It’s real crazy.  There’s really no end in sight.  Just keep spending, and we’ll all be under your totalitarian rule. With trillions of dollars in debt being accumulated, how are we going to pay for all of this?  Just inflate the currency.  Print more money.  Create stagflation and destroy all prosperity in this country.

President Obama’s speech a couple days ago was fake.  He sounded like Reagan and attempted to part the doom and gloom he’s been feeding the people.  Wall Street isn’t stupid, though.  They can see this Orwellian nightmare that’s unfolding before our very eyes.

Last night, I took part in fighting against the War on Prosperity.  I had an interview at McDonalds.  Yes.  Let’s admit it.  Times are tough right now and some of us are really feeling the squeeze.  If you’re one of the Americans that have lost their job, don’t be ashamed.  This is a battle that we can all fight to win.

Prosperity may be harder to find, but it’s out there. For those of you who have a job, hang on to it.  Remain useful.  Diversify your skills to remain as versatile as possible.  Industries are being threatened left and right.  Having a lot of skills can keep you in the position longer.

Yes, there’s a lot of madness going on out there.  Jobs being lost, the Obama Regime spending our money like there’s no tomorrow, and other various chaotic events.

What can we do to cope with this madness?  Find an escape.  Granted, the craziness is still there, but at least there’s a way to get away from it all. Go for a walk.  Listen to music.  Find your escape. I have found my escape. Farewell liberal Propaganda.  Farewell Omnibus Spending bill.

Farewell. For now.