Stay tuned….

I’m kind of burnt out for today, so don’t expect to see anything in the next couple days. Oh, and I plan on hitting the streets hard in my pursuit for a job. That’s 20 more resumes (or rounds) I’ll be shooting out in my fight to save prosperity. I’m not letting go.  I already told you. Have a nice Monday, and Tuesday!

—– UPDATE: I was actually able to apply to 19 businesses.   Take that, socialism! But seriously, is the desire to succeed such a bad thing for this country?  The Obama Regime thinks so.  They don’t want us to succeed! When is anyone going to understand that?! Look at the economy if you don’t believe me.  It has gone down by 3,000 points since President Obama came into office! This is the Obama Recession, folks, and it isn’t going to get any better.  The only thing that we can do is slow it down. I have plenty of resumes in my ammunition, complete with a hat made out of newspaper.

Time to go into the trenches.