Back in the U.S.S.A.

Yes folks.  That’s what it’s starting to look like: The United Socialist States of America.  Heck!  If the government wants our money so bad, why don’t they just run into all of our houses and take it? And why stop there?  Why don’t they just take all the numbers to our saving’s accounts and suck our savings dry?  Acquire our property and everything we own.  Place us all in rusty shacks and assign back breaking labor daily.

I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the United States of France And to the socialist republic for which it stands One nation, under the “Anointed One”, indivisible With welfare and bailouts for all

I mean, socialism has worked so well in the past! Oh, wait!  I remember now.  Every time socialism was tried, it failed miserably! President Obama has already passed his so-called stimulus bill.  He now wants to go after the housing market.  He plans on passing a $75 billion bill to bail out those who can not pay off their house.  And guess who will be paying for it?  The wealthy tax payer, right?  I guess “wealthy” is the term Obama uses to define those who are able to pay taxes.

Name one time that the government was able to bring prosperity to our country.  There isn’t any!  When you take what works and hand it over to the government, they go and screw it up.

Business worked fine in our country.  It worked fine because of all the people who worked hard for that business. This system worked because we had people who woke up every morning, slamming hot coffee down their throats.  They got their children up and ready for school and got themselves ready for work.  If they couldn’t afford their kid’s lunch, they made it for them.  They then drove to work and worked for 12-14 hours per day.  After that, they came home, read a bedtime story to their kids, watched some TV, and went to bed.  They hardly had time for vacations, and very seldom could afford to go out to eat.  These people worked hard and played by the rules.

The government is now going to take even more of our money.  Those of us who play by the rules are forced to pay even more, so the Obama Regime can go and redistribute the wealth.  Now is this fair to us, who work so hard to make this money? The economy is continuing to fall.  The Dow fell 300 points yesterday.  Obama doesn’t care if the economy fails.  Behind closed doors, he is probably laughing, enjoying every minute of it.

But wait!  You’re not giving him a chance!  I have been giving him plenty of chances.  For every chance I have given him, he has failed.  Don’t you think that Wall Street would’ve been more excited if this so-called stimulus plan was going to help the economy?  Do you think that Wall Street knows something that the Obama Regime and the Propaganda doesn’t?  No.  They both knew that this “stimulus bill” is going to fail.

You see, the liberals in congress don’t really care if you prosper or not.  The only thing that matters to them is that they prosper, get reelected, and stay in power.  It’s all about power, and how much of it they can squeeze out of the American people. Fairness, according to the liberals, is spreading misery equally.  Complete societal fairness is impossible.

There will always be rich people and there will always be poverty.  Even if we could achieve complete equality,  advancement and prosperity would be punished, and forbidden.  Fairness applied in this sense would be unfair when contrasting a meagerly oppressed society and a wealthy socialist regime. Obama Mania has gone too far in this country.

All of the brain dead masses who are controlled by the Propaganda have been sleeping for long enough.  I say we wake them up, and have them see what’s really going on in this country.

Let’s wake them up.