President Obama signs stimulus, stocks tank!

Whoa.  The stocks went down?  Wouldn’t they go up since President Obama signed the porkulus bill today?  They didn’t, since Wall Street knows what’s in that bill and they didn’t like the sound of it.

What we are experiencing right now is the Obama Recession.  The use of fear tactics and the passing of his legislation has led the economy to behave in this manner. There’s even talk of a second stimulus bill they plan on implementing.  Goodness.  They just don’t know when to stop.

This first bill will cause inflation, leading to stagflation.  And now they want another one on top of that? It doesn’t look good, folks.  All we can do is stand united and defend our liberty, and what’s left of our wallet.

I’ve been making my rounds today, looking for work all over the place, and I’m burned out.  Burned out like the economy will be if the government keeps wasting our hard-earned money on wasteful spending bills to bankrupt capitalism. I’m not going to let it get to me.  I’m just sitting here with my peanuts and popcorn, enjoying the show. I just hope this show has a happy ending….