Me & My Muse – Day 3320: Twins Days Festival – The Recap: For REALZ this Time!

Having had the chance to rest and work a full day at work, I have taken the liberty to think and reflect on my memorable vacation.  Twins Day Festival 2022 was an unforgettable experience for me.  But don’t just take my word for it.  Instead, gaze upon the 7,691 word account and all the words and pictures that really made this convention a memorable one.  I will do more than just describe everything to you.  Instead, I am taking you back to the event, and you are going to relive all of my memorable moments with me again.  Sound good?  Then follow me, as I take you through the recap of Twins Days Festival 2022.

6:00 a.m. Friday morning.  I spring out of bed and turn on the coffee.  I wake up to the alarm.  With my shower taken, all that was left was the devotional.  I get this done and check the fridge for coffee creamer.  Unlike 2019, there was some in there.  I enjoyed my favorite weekend Starbucks mocha coffee with a Truvia packet and some Coffemate creamer.  I eat my Quest bar and I brush my teeth.  I then begin to pack everything.

My mug was already drunk, and everything needed to get into the car – fast.  We get everything in there just in time for us to capture the perfect Kodak moment.  Me and my brother stood there in matching red shirts, shorts, socks, and red shoes, and I took a selfie before driving down to Twinsburg, Ohio for the Twins Days Festival.


After the pictures were taken, we were off at around 7:45 in the morning.  I got onto US-10 and we were Twinsburg bound, jamming to BZRK by Family Force 5.

After Auburn, I merged onto I-75 South, towards Flint.  After that, I took the right fork onto US-23 South, towards Ann Arbor.  After Ann Arbor, we passed Dundee, and then Temperance.

Finally, we crossed the Ohio border.

Ohio’s slogan was “Find it Here”.  What I found was the speed limit going down to 65 miles per hour.  We went through I-475 South, I-75 North, and then found myself on the I-80/I-90 Ohio Turnpike.

The Turnpike was an enjoyable ride.  With the speed limit at 70 miles per hour, I felt right at home.  I cruised down it, listening to John Reuben.

And then at 10:26, we stopped at a Service Plaza.  Time for the first rest stop.  After some Instagramming, it was time to resume the trip.

After exiting the Turnpike, I paid $7.00 for it.  Finally, we were on I-480 East. We got off on the Great Northern Boulevard exit, because it was time for some lunch.

We entered North Olmstead and stopped at a Chick-Fil-A.  I was so happy there that I took a selfie.

After that, it was time to order my food!  The food you ask?  It was a mouthwatering crispy chicken sandwich, three chick-n strips, and a medium order of waffle fries.  And why don’t we include every single kind of dipping sauce that they have?  There we go!

Now Midland has committed a terrible sin in not including one of these wonderful restaurants there.  I mean, we have plenty of burger places, but how many chicken places do we have?  Instead of getting this place, Midland gets a Popeye’s, and Flint gets a Chick-fil-A?  That makes no sense.  It’s true that just about every fast food place serves chicken, but not like this.  I would consider this place Colonel Sanders’ cousin.  But no buckets.  No biscuits.  No wedges.  No mashed potatoes.  Just the waffle fries will do.  Plus we’re on our way to Twinsburg.  We don’t have time to sit down for a home-cooked meal.

And what do we do with the trash?  Let’s not forget to throw it away.  In an automatic disposal?  Yes please!

After we got our fill of Chick-Fil-A, we left North Olmstead, Ohio and got back on I-480 East.

Before long, we arrived at Twinsburg and got off on Aurora Road.  Unlike 2019, we did not miss the Twin Hills Highway.  That took us to Ravenna Road.  We turned left on Ravenna Road and then left on the Joshua T. Miktarian Memorial Parkway.  We arrived at Twinsburg High School, only there was one problem.  It was 1:40.  Registration didn’t begin until 2:00!  To kill time, me and my brother took another awesome selfie.

After that, I went with my twin to a line that was forming in front of the high school.  A line of twins from all over the country and world.  A line of twins all waiting to check in for registration.  While we waited in line, I met Anna & Maia.  Identical twins from Cleveland, Ohio.

A few minutes later, they let everyone in about four minutes to 2:00.  Learning that the pre-registration was at the auditorium this year, We all followed the line of twins that were headed there.  Before entering, I met Everitt & Emmitt.  Identical twins from Lousiville, Kentucky.

While I waited in line with my twin bro, I met Semmie & Sammie. Identical twins from Chicago, Illinois.

Following that, the quest began to meet as many twins as possible.  And I was off to a good start.  I met Leeann & Megan, identical twins from Fort Collins, Colorado, Kimberly & Cassie, fraternal twins from Westchester, New York, Kelly & Kim, identical twins from Peekskin and Boston, Massachusetts, and Niko & Marko, identical twins from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We then found another set of twins at the cafeteria.  Hrefna & Hrönn (pronounced Schefna & Trenn), identical twins from Hveragerði, Iceland.

After that, the meeting of twins continued with the following twins:

  • Ashley & Kimberly, fraternal twins from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Luke & Logan, identical twins from Wooster, Ohio.
  • Jennifer & Lauren, identical twins from Bridgeport, West Virginia
  • Kristy & Jenny, identical twins from Seattle, Washington and Orlando, Florida
  • Leah & Aislinn, identical twins from Dartmouth, Massachusetts
  • Austin & Isabella, fraternal twins from Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Rosalie & Rochelle, identical twins from Covina, California

After that, I met a set of twins that made me star struck.  This was Skylar & Spencer, identical twins from Chicago, Illinois.

When it comes to Twins Days Festivals, Skylar and Spencer don’t miss a single one.  For this year alone, it will be their 28th consecutive convention!  Even during COVID when Twins Days wasn’t held in person, this dedicated duo made their pilgrimage to Twinsburg to keep their streak of attendance unbroken.  They are well known among the regulars that attend and they consider the annual congregation of twins meeting at the beginning of every August to be their family.  After saying hi to Skylar and Spencer, my brother and I continued meeting more twins.

Before leaving Twinsburg High School, I met four more sets of twins with my brother:

  • Bailey & Maddy, identical twins from Wausau, Wisconsin
  • Mitchell & Logan, identical twins from Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Jean & Joan, identical twins from Vassar, Kansas
  • Jane & Janet, fraternal twins from Max, Minnesota and Nevada, Iowa

Me and my twin brother then decided to go and check into our room.  With that, we drove to the Hilton Garden Inn at Twinsburg, Ohio, which was only a short distance away.  I would say about 0.7 miles away.

Upon entering the Hilton Garden Inn, this is what i saw.


After checking in, we took the elevators to Room 334.  Inside was a very nice room, as you can see here.



I loved this room.  Due to a mistake in the reservation, there instead of two queen beds, it was just one king-sized bed.  Along with that room came a sitting chair and a desk for the computer.  There was even a Keurig coffee machine.  I unpacked everything and we chilled in our room.  Unlike 2019, my parents came along separately since they wanted a piece of the Twins Days fun.  Since they were not quite there yet, we waited for them to arrive.  After they arrived, there was still a lot of free time available.  Since we had reservations at Blue Canyon Grill at 7:00, there was a little bit of time to kill.

When it got close to 7:00, we walked up with our parents to Blue Canyon, an upscale restaurant that I had reservations for.  The restaurant was situated on a bluff, which overlooked the hotel.  We entered the restaurant and were seated.

We had a wonderful waiter that assisted us that night.  I wanted to order something similar to the Lobster Linguine from 2019, but they had the Halibut listed as a special instead.  I ordered that with a bowl of Lobster Bisque.  Me and my brother split an order of Prince Edward Island Mussels.

The appetizers came first, of course.

After that, the waiter informed me that they were out of the Halibut, so they substituted that with the snapper instead.

After that was the delicious dish I was waiting for.  The Snapper.

The Snapper was pretty good.  When it was gone, I shared dessert with my brother.  A Chocolate Bomb.  A layered chocolate dessert with filling, cake and covered in chocolate.  A round, delicious chocolatey ball of goodness.

After the food was done, and 20 minutes of waiting, the scary part came.  The bill.  But that’s nothing that my Meijer Mastercard can’t handle, right?

When the bill was paid, I said goodbye to the restaurant with my brother and parents.  Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern, you fed us well tonight.  You will be missed.

After we left the Blue Canyon Grill & Tavern, my brother and I decided to go to the Get Go Gas Station for some liquid refreshment and snacks.  I bought a couple of liters of water and some Twix.

Me and my twin brother then went back to the Hilton Garden Inn nearby.  Before we went up to our rooms, I decided to meet a few more twins.  The twins that I met included the following:

  • Natalie & Nicole, identical twins from Wenatchee, Washington
  • Tabitha & Tammy, identical twins from Springfield, Ohio
  • Ann & Theresa, identical twins from Sacramento, California
  • Dana & Jana, identical twins from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Mary & Melissa, identical twins from Columbus, Ohio
  • Hannah & Janae, identical twins from Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Becca & Natalie, identical twins from Troy, Ohio
  • Marlene & Monica, identical twins from Sebring and Canton, Ohio
  • Melissa & Christina, identical twins from Bloomington, Idaho and Seattle, Washington
  • Joselyn & Jamie, identical twins from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Esperanza & Susana, twins from Mesa, Arizona

After meeting all the sets of twins, I went with my twin to Room 334.  We brushed our teeth and got ready for bed.  It was going to be a long and fun day for both of us tomorrow.

6:30 a.m. Saturday morning.  I spring out of bed at the sound of my 6:30 alarm.  Having done most of my routine last night, all that remained was my devotionals.  I took care of that and drank my freshly brewed Keurig coffee.  After waiting for the use of the bathroom, it finally became vacant and I brushed my teeth.  I then quickly put on my clothes for the day.  A complete safari outfit with all the decorations.  I then took a selfie with my brother.

All ready for the day, I went downstairs and had a delicious breakfast buffet. While I was at my breakfast table, I met a neat set of twins that were MARRIED to each other!  Alisha & Christina, identical twins from Boston, Massachusetts married Phillip & Stewart, identical twins from Sydney, Australia.  We chatted for a while and I got their picture.

When breakfast was over, it was time to board a bus for the Twins Days Double Take Parade.  Before I boarded the bus, I took a picture with my twin and some more twins:  Amanda & Rachel (who sat at my table during breakfast), identical twins from Kansas City, Missouri, Caroline & Kristen, identical twins from Los Angeles, California, and Donald and Ronald, identical twins from Baltimore, Maryland.

Before the lineup with the twins, I also met Cecelia & Alice, identical twins from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Minutes later, the shuttle dropped us off at the town square for the parade lineup.  As we walked around, I had an encounter with a pair of twin triceratops!

After that, I met some more twins.  I met the following twins as I walked around the parade grounds:

  • Andrew & Edward, identical twins from Lancaster, Ohio
  • Eli & Dylan, identical twins from Streetsboro, Ohio
  • Aurora & Ariel, fraternal twins from Portage, Wisconsin
  • Alexis & Alania, identical twins from Wellsburg, West Virginia
  • Abigail & Hannah, identical twins from Gainsville, Florida
  • Sarah & Allison, identical twins from Wheaton, Illinois
  • Libby & Annie, identical twins from Kansas City, Missouri
  • Lauren & Laeten, identical twins from Appleton, Wisconsin
  • Craigg & Gregg, identical twins from Albion, Michigan
  • Anthony & Elijah, fraternal twins from Hudson, Ohio
  • Isabella & Annika, fraternal twins from Bloomington, Illinois

We then met Michelle & Tonya, identical twins from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  They were both ready for adventure like we were so we got a picture with them.

Following that, I met a couple more pairs of twins.  Sienna & Samantha, fraternal twins from Queens, New York and Melinda & Melanie, identical twins from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

After that, I met not a set of twins this time, but a unique set of multiples.  A set of quadruplets!  Their names were Nina, Ally, Claire, and Lauren,  50% identical and 50% fraternal quadruplets from Shaker Heights, Ohio.  My brother and I couldn’t resist so we got a picture with this unique quartet.

After meeting the fantastic four, my brother and I continued to meet some more twins.  We met the following before the parade started:

  • Jenny & Jessy, identical twins from Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Derek & Ryan, identical twins from Cinnaminson, New Jersey
  • Kelsey & Emma, identical twins from Dundee, Michigan
  • Jason & Eric, twins from Scranton, Pennsylvania
  • Leah & Anya, identical twins from Saint Louis, Missouri
  • Bry & Bren, fraternal twins from Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Abby & Sophie, identical twins from Durham, New Hampshire
  • Tara & Jordyn, identical twins from Kent and Sylvania, Ohio
  • David & Phillip, identical twins from Queens, New York
  • Deshay & Renee, identical twins from Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Jennifer & Tracey, identical twins from Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Kaitlyn & Tiffany, fraternal twins from Mount Clemens, Michigan

The parade was now officially underway.  I managed to get these shots as I walked down the parade route with my twin brother.

Peyton & Paige, identical twins from Lafayette, Louisiana

The parade started at 9:00 and lasted about an hour (longer for all the other bystanders watching the entire parade).  It was fun watching all the people on the street smile as we walked on by.  We waved at all the onlookers and crossed our fingers, hoping that it wouldn’t rain.

When the parade was over, we marched into the Festival Grounds.  Unlike 2019, we didn’t need to go back to get the car this time.  Since my wristband was too tight, I needed to get a new one at registration.  After taking care of that, I stayed at the festival grounds with my twin and entered it.

What was the first thing on the agenda?  Twins Pops, of course!  The coolers containing all the Twins Pops were there, but the stands were not set up yet!  This did not stop numerous sets of twins from getting their free Twin Pops early.  My brother and I took advantage of this and helped ourselves to the Twin Pops.  We both got a green Twin Pop and split an orange one.

After the twin pops, we walked around and met some more twins.  We met the following twins as we walked the festival grounds:

  • Jenny & Katie, fraternal twins from Parkersburg, West Virginia
  • Olivia & Sophie, fraternal (unsure) twins from Wellington, Ohio
  • Krista & Kara, identical twins from Yukon, Oklahoma
  • Hannah & Aliza, identical twins from Carlisle, Pennsylvania
  • John & Jim, identical twins from Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • Abby & Molly, fraternal twins from Berea, Ohio
  • Liz & Ursula, identical twins from Bethpage, New York
  • Ann & Amy, identical twins from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Stephanie & Anne, identical twins from Washington DC and Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Dylan & David, fraternal twins from Ashtabula, Ohio
  • Aly & Shelly (Not here), identical twins from Ashtabula, Ohio
  • Allie & Cassy, identical twins from Ashtabula, Ohio
  • Rebecca & Laura, identical twins from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Zayden, Zelia, & Zara, 50% identical and 50% fraternal triplets from Mahopac, New York
  • Shannon & Shelby, fraternal twins from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Met in 2019)
  • Chelsea & Bailey, identical twins from Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Kristin & Alyssa, identical twins from Jamestown, Rhode Island

After meeting all those sets of twins, we went to a beer garden that was at a basketball court.  We met our parents there and shared our stories of all the twins that we met while we were there.  In the middle of our conversation, we had to deal with a pack of tigers!  Fortunately, they were very friendly!

David & Phillip, identical twins from Newcastle, Australia and Katie & Kristy, identical twins from Manhattan, New York

After sharing these stories with my parents, we each went our separate ways and would meet later for the group photo at 3:30.

The next item on my agenda was to buy this year’s convention t-shirt from the souvenir shop.  On my way there, we met some more twins as we walked the festival grounds:

  • Rodney & Ladney, fraternal twins from Locust Grove, Oklahoma
  • Katrina & Daniel, fraternal twins from Reno, Nevada
  • Tom & John, identical twins from Mountain View, California
  • Claire & Katie, identical twins from Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Kelly & Rachel, twins from Westfield, Indiana
  • Mike & Tim, identical twins from Wilsonville and Corvallis, Oregon
  • Laurel & Charie, identical twins from Saint Mary’s, Pennsylvania
  • Christie & Maddie, identical twins from Madison, Wisconsin
  • Jane & Janie, identical twins from London and Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
  • Allison & Liz, twins from Erin and Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
  • Brooklyn & Brynlee, identical twins from Oxford, Pennsylvania

After that, we met another set of twins that remembered us from meeting them in 2019.  It was Hannah & Haley, identical twins from Buffalo, New York. It was the second set of twins that we met again, so we decided to get a picture.

Then we met a mother with a rather shy set of girls.  They looked about 18 months and I would guess that this is their very first Twins Days Festival.  Their names are Evelyn & Georgia, identical twins from Northfield, Ohio and they looked so cute together!

After that, we met a few more sets of twins:

  • Madison & Christine, identical twins from Melborne and Sarasota, Florida
  • Tami & Marcia, identical twins from Whitby and Kennilworth, Ontario, Canada
  • Azaelea & Ilyanah, fraternal twins from Sterling Heights, Michigan (100th set of twins met today!)
  • Zane & Zoey, fraternal twins from South Point, Ohio
  • Barrett & Gordon, identical twins from Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Marlene & Charlene (Deceased), identical twins from Toledo, Ohio and Orphan Point, Indiana
  • Nicole & Tori, fraternal twins from York, Pennsylvania (Met in 2019)

After that, we were stopped by a pair of Curious Georges. Or should I say Curious Georginas?  Anyway, each had their own monkey on their shoulder and we chatted for a little bit. This would be Stephanie & Lisa, identical twins from Champaign, Illinois.  We got a selfie and a photo with them.

After that, we saw a cute pair of leopard cubs eating Twin Pops!  This was Anya & Eva, twins from Annapolis, Maryland.


After meeting many twins,  we tried to find the fried Oreos, but to no avail.  The next best thing?  A mega sized container of chocolate chip cookie dough flavored Dippin’ Dots.  Since the battery on my cell phone was getting low, I had to get back to the hotel, and fast.  Before we did, I made a wonderful discovery.  Near the kiddy rides, I found the fried Oreo stand!  I then got some fried Oreos.  If you’ve never had a fried Oreo, I’m sorry.  You are totally missing out.

After the fried Oreos, we hightailed it back to the high school.  We took a golf cart to the school and hoofed it back, since I didn’t take my car with me.  The first stop was Sheetz, where I wolfed down a quick meal of a build your own burrito and a frozen hot chocolate.  Since the food was taking so long, I grabbed my brother’s cell phone and hurried back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel room, I was covered in sweat. I could only charge the phones for 10 minutes since I thought that the picture was going to be taken at 3:00. Once my brother got back, we hurried back to the high school with our car and paid the $3.00 for parking.  We got back to the festival grounds and to the soccer field…and that’s when I found out that the picture was going to be taken at 3:30!  The lineup started at 3:00, so that gave me plenty of time.

I went to the soccer field with my twin and found my parents.  We then lined up for the picture, while my parents watched from a distance.

Like every Twins Days, it was actually done with two cherry pickers.  Here is a shot I got of them, 43 seconds before the picture got taken.

After the picture, I went back to the hotel to get my twins notebook (how else could I record all of the twins without it?)  After getting the notebook, paying another $3.00 in parking, and heading back to the festival grounds.  It was time.  Time to meet some more twins!

And meet them I did!  We met the following twins as we walked more of the festival grounds:

  • Meridith & Bethany, identical twins from Fort Mill, South Carolina
  • Erin & Alyssa, identical twins from Portland, Michigan
  • Jaycie & Jordyn, fraternal twins from Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Alex & Alexis, identical twins from Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Karlie & Cadence, identical twins from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Haily & Tiffany, fraternal twins from Whitehouse, Ohio
  • Mason & Garrett, identical twins from Finger Lakes, New York
  • Gabrielle & Isabelle, identical twins from Middletown, Ohio
  • Margaret & Laura, identical twins from Sterling Heights, Michigan
  • Jamie & Kristy, identical twins from Bloomfield, New Jersey
  • Jamie & Justine, identical twins from Ravenna, Ohio
  • Gwen & Cecelia, fraternal twins from Canal Harbor, Ohio

After meeting all these new twins, I decided to take a selfie with my brother in front of the registration counter. It just passed 2,000 so this was a well attended event!

After that, it was time to take a picture of the Royal Court for this year’s Twins Days.  Since they met at 5:00, I was able to get pictures of all of them.

First up is the king and queen.  The kings for this year’s royal court are Drew & Noah, identical twins from Farmington Hills, Michigan.  The queens?  Drew & Noah’s sisters that are also twins! Darien & Nina!  Also from Farmington Hills, Michigan!  Identical?  You betcha!

Next up are the prince and princesses.  Noah & Drew, identical twins from Austintown, Ohio are the princes for this year.  Aubrey & Olivia, fraternal twins from Rootstown, Ohio are the princesses for this year.

And let’s not forget the grand marshals!  The grand marshals for Twins Days 2022 are Nate & Jack, identical twins from Twinsburg, Ohio.  Let’s give it up for our 2022 Royal Court!

After meeting the royal court, I met a few more twins with my twin. This is who we met:

Logan & Ryan, fraternal twins from Auburn, Ohio

Taylor & Hayley, identical twins from Los Angeles, California

Kaisha & Erika, identical twins from Providence, Rhode Island

Iveta & Evelyn, fraternal twins from Cleveland, Ohio

After that, we watched a talent show at an event theater.  I got some more water and watched the talent show.  I then met my last three twins for the day:

  • Barry & Barren, identical twins from Cleveland and Willoughby, Ohio
  • Amanda & Catherine, identical twins from Princeton, New Jersey
  • Adele & Abagail, identical twins from Troy, Michigan

With that done, it was time to call it a day and have dinner with my parents.  I left the festival grounds with my brother and we met them at Sushi En.  When we got there, they already had a table ready so we sat down and ate.    I got some miso soup, a Last Samarai and an Ultimate Tuna roll.  The food was amazing!

And let’s not forget dessert!  Because my brother and I were attending the Twins Days Festival, we got a free dessert!  We settled for the mochi ice cream.  That too was yummy.

Since mom and dad both walked there from the hotel, I gave them a ride back.  We all rode back and my parents retired to the room for the night.  My brother and I on the other hand decided to get ready to go to the fireworks that would be at the festival grounds.

When it was 20 after 9, we left the Hilton Garden Inn again and went back to the high school.  I didn’t have to pay for the parking this time, since the events were done for the evening.  All except for the fireworks.

We got out the walked all the way down to the festival grounds, since the golf carts were done for the day.

After that, the firework show started.  It was put on by Meijer and the show was spectacular.

When the show was over, I walked the parkway back to the high school. With the firework show over, it’s now time to live it up at the Bertram Inn right?

Wrong!  With there being a 5K to run in the morning, there was no way that I was going to head to party central when I had a race that I wanted to be rested up for with my twin.

We drove right back to the hotel and I called it a night.  I took a shower and got ready for bed.  The third day awaited us, starting with a 5K race tomorrow morning.  Having that said, the recap is not done yet…

6:30 a.m.  Sunday morning.  I spring out of bed, waking up to the alarm.  Fortunately, everything was done the night before.  Except for my devotionals and the dream that I needed to record.  I got ready for the race and ate my Quest Bar. Once my brother was ready, we went to our parent’s hotel room.

We then went over to Dodge Intermediate School for the 5K race.  With all the workouts that I have been doing from playing Ring Fit Adventure for the Nintendo Switch, I should be ready for this race.  I saw Hrefna & Hrönn (pronounced Schefna & Trenn), the identical twins from Iceland that I met on Friday also running the race.

Finally, the race began and I was off with my twin.  As we got into the race, my pace was burning out quickly.  As we were on the last quarter of the race, I was getting sick to my stomach.  It was getting hot and I felt like I couldn’t go any further…

Then I crossed the finish line with my brother on the race track.  I finished with a time of 27:39.  I placed 60 out of 154.  My pace averaged 8:54 per mile.  Upon finishing the race, I was laying on the grass on the inside of the track.

With the race over, I got a group picture with all the other runners and saw the awards ceremony with my twin.  We then got one more group picture with everyone else that was wearing the 5K shirts for this year.

I drove back to the Hilton Garden inn with my twin brother, cleaned up in the shower, and said goodbye to our parents, since they were checking out today. Before we did that, my parents introduced me to the Ian Family, known for their twin boys.  The twin’s names you ask?  Meet Kenei & Keiden, identical twins from Vernon, New Jersey!

We talked for a while and it was fun getting to know them.  After we finished meeting them, we went to the lobby of the Hilton Garden Inn with our parents to say goodbye to them.

A set of twins from Columbia offered to take a picture of me with my brother and parents in front of the entrance of the hotel using my mom’s cell phone.

After seeing my parents off, I went back with my brother to the festival grounds.  Since the high school wasn’t doing parking on Sunday, I had to park at Dodge Intermediate School.  After that, I did what I do best at these festivals:  Meet more twins!    My brother and I met three more sets of twins as we entered the festival grounds for Sunday:

  • Maira & Karen, identical twins from New York City, New York
  • Luke & Michael, identical twins from Dalton, Georgia and Austin, Texas
  • Anika & Arden, fraternal twins from Akron, Ohio

We then saw Thing 1 and Thing 2, which turned out to be Jayden & Jaylen, identical twins from Lima, Ohio.

After meeting a few twins, I was hungry, so my brother and I found a food vendor.  What was I hungry for?  Stromboli? Why not?

After that delicious stromboli, I decided to get some more Dippin’ Dots.  A chocolate mega size was perfect to get on a day like this.

Following that, I bought some more water and decided to go to one of the tents where Twingo was being played. It’s like bingo, only you’re playing with a twin!  Each round had a cash prize of $120, but alas, I did not win a single round.

After Twingo, my brother and I decided to try to get a photo pin like 2019.  Sadly, we couldn’t since they couldn’t print anymore pins.

Since another group photo was going to be taken for Sunday, we made our way over to the soccer field, like yesterday.  The difference, however, was that there was a lot less twins on Sunday.

But before the picture could even be taken, a downpour began.  My brother and I took refuge under one of the tents and waited it out until it was over.

After the downpour,  my brother and I followed the other twins out to the soccer field, where the twin photographers in the cherry pickers were, once again!

And due to the “darn rain” according to one of the photographers, the picture was taken a minute late.  1 minute and 15 seconds to be exact!

After the second group photo for Sunday, it was time to meet some more twins.  My brother and I walked the grounds, and these were the next ones that we met:

  • Micah & Mira, fraternal twins from Twinsburg, Ohio
  • Savannah & Sierra, identical twins from London, Ohio
  • Carter & Coleman, identical twins from Grosse Pointe and Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Khris & Kai, fraternal twins from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Kelly & Kristy, identical twins from Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Monica & Rachel, identical twins from Mayfield Heights, Ohio

The rest of the day pretty much consisted of watching contests in the amphitheater.  During that time,  I took a nice nap.  Just kidding!  I met some more twins, of course!  The next set consists of the following:

  • Cameron & Dalton, identical twins from Durham, North Carolina
  • Matt & Mark, fraternal twins from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Hailey & Hannah, identical twins from Aberdeen, South Dakota
  • Noah & Ethan, fraternal twins from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Kennedy & Kenzley, identical twins from Cleveland, Ohio
  • Jeremy & Josh, identical twins from Huddleston, Virginia
  • Briana & Brittney, identical twins from Huddleston, Virginia
  • Samantha & Sarah, identical twins from Portland, Oregon
  • Amber & Jada, identical twins from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
  • Delanie & Dana, identical twins from Toledo, Ohio

Here is a cool pic with my brother and I in front of a few of the sets listed above.

The next set of twins that my brother and I met are kind of regulars when it comes to attending Twins Days Festivals.  By kind of, I mean that the father has been taking them to these events every year since they were babies.  With them being adults now, it’s now just a fun reunion with their father every year.  I am referring to Etienne & Enya, identical twins from Corona, California and Orlando, Florida.  Etienne & Enya have participated in a few contests over the years and have won the “look alike” contest before.  Both have gotten similar jobs.  Etienne works at Universal and Enya works at Disney.

After the contests, the Twins Days Festival was pretty much starting to wind down.  Hailey & Hannah were still hanging around, too.  They kept the theme going for Sunday, since they were dressed up in monkey suits.  With the festival wrapping up, I met Megan & Leeann, identical twins from Denver, Colorado.   I then took some pictures of a few more sets of twins:

  • Laurel & Stephanie, identical twins from Cleveland, Ohio and Brian & Derek, fraternal twins from New York City, New York

  • Brienna & Whittney, identical twins from Danville and Clovis, California, and Nia & Tia, fraternal twins from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Having met those sets of twins, it was official.  The 2022 Twins Days Festival was officially over.  I had a lot of fun, and it’s been real.  See you in 2023!

But with the festival over, it did not mean an end to the fun for the twins that still remained.  From what my brother and I found out, the twins were all heading over to Roseland Lanes at 7:00 for a fun evening of bowling.  The lanes are usually closed on Sundays, but they open them every year privately for all the twins to bowl at.  Having already experienced the Bertram Inn in 2019, my brother and I had to check out the bowling scene.

Before leaving the parking lot for Dodge Intermediate School, I was able to meet one more set of twins.  Gabriel & Garik, identical twins from New York City, New York.

After that, it was off to the bowling alley. We got there and entered, waiting to be assigned to a team.  After we were, we received the information about the evening.  Bowling for the night cost only $7.00 and that included the shoe rental.  None of us bowled right away since it took forever to start.

Once we did, it was a little different than what I was used to.  Two different teams would alternate bowlers for each ball.  Lanes would also be alternated for each frame.  With ninepin rules being used tonight, a strike could be obtained by hitting only nine pins.  I only ended up bowling for two games, since I had enough after that.  Since a pair of female twins were running late, my brother and I allowed them to bowl our frames in our place.  Here are a few pics that I took while at the bowling alley.  Enjoy!

Feeling very tired from the whole day, my brother and I left the bowling alley.  I documented no twins while at the bowling alley so you will not see any added to the list.

At that time of the evening, my brother and I were very hungry.  What could possibly satisfy our hunger?  More Sheetz, of course!  I got a Big Mozz sandwich with Apps Sampler, which included Totz, Jalapeño Poppers, and Fried Pickles. We got it to go and drove back to the Hilton Garden Inn.

At that point, I just wanted to eat so I helped myself to a delicious dinner of fried food.  It was quite filling and satisfying!

I finished my food, feeling beyond tired.  My brother and I went back up to Room 334 and turned in for the night.  All the festivities were over, and all that remained was the trip home.  I took a shower and then plopped right into bed to rest myself for the trip home…

8:00 a.m.  We slept in for a little bit this morning, since check out wasn’t until 10:00.  My brother went for a swim, but I didn’t feel like swimming this morning.  I got up and we both packed up our bags and got ready to leave the hotel.  While I was in the process of checking out, I met David & Bradley, identical twins from Bronx, New York.

After getting everything out to the car, I saw the father of Etienne & Enya.  My brother and I had a good conversation with him, and found out that that they have the exact same birthday as I do, only they are ten years younger than me!  That would put their birthday on August 12th (also my birthday!)  It was neat hearing the stories from the father from some of the past Twins Days Festivals that he took his twin daughters to when they were younger.

After the fond conversation with him, he volunteered to take a picture of my brother and I in the lobby.  I’m going to miss this hotel.  It won’t be until 2023 that I will be able to see it again.  It’s been real.  Hilton Garden Inn, you took care of me and my brother very well this trip.

After the front desk printed off my receipt, I said goodbye to the hotel, but not quite.  Before I left with my twin, I met Anna & Ulrika, identical twins from Stockholm, Sweden!  We even got a picture with them!

After that photo session with the Swedish twins, it was now officially time to leave Twinsburg. I knew that the Fresh Start Diner might be closed, but I wanted to be sure.  Sure enough, it was.

See you next year, Fresh Start Diner!

But the trip wasn’t entirely wasted.  My brother and I got the same pictures in front of Twinsburg Square as last time.

After that, it was time to leave Twinsburg!  But not without refueling my tank of gas first.  We took our car to none other than the Sheetz gas station and filled up the tank.

Since the Fresh Start Diner was closed, we had Sheetz for breakfast instead.  I got a Walker Breakfast Ranger and some Hashbrownz.  Here’s a nice shot of that legendary breakfast sandwich!

And believe it or not, we met one more set of twins while at Sheetz!  Their names were Taylor & Kailyn, identical twins from Twinsburg, Ohio.  They both worked at Sheetz  Having that said, they were the very last set of twins that I recorded for the whole trip.  To recap, I visited 161 twins this weekend.  In case you want the full list again, here is that list:

Friday, August 5, 2022

  1. Anna & Maia – Cleveland, OH
  2. Everitt & Emmitt – Louisville, KY
  3. Semmie & Sammie – Chicago, IL
  4. Leeann & Megan – Fort Collins, CO
  5. Kimberly & Cassie – Westchester, NY
  6. Kelly & Kim – Peekskin/Boston, MA
  7. Niko & Marko – Toronto, ON Canada
  8. Hrefna & Hrönn – Hveragerði, Iceland
  9. Ashley & Kimberly – Philadelphia, PA
  10. Luke & Logan – Wooster, OH
  11. Jennifer & Lauren – Bridgeport, WV
  12. Kristy & Jenny – Seattle/Orlando, WA/FL
  13. Leah & Aislinn – Dartmouth, MA
  14. Austin & Isabella – Bowling Green, OH
  15. Rosalie & Rochelle – Covina, CA
  16. Skylar & Spencer – Chicago, IL
  17. Bailey & Maddy – Wausau, WI
  18. Mitchell & Logan – Ann Arbor, MI
  19. Jean & Joan – Vassar, KS
  20. Jane & Janet – Max/Nevada, MN/IA
  21. Natalie & Nicole – Wenatchee, WA
  22. Tabitha & Tammy – Springfield, OH
  23. Ann & Theresa – Sacramento, CA
  24. Dana & Jana – Cleveland, OH
  25. Mary & Melissa – Columbus, OH
  26. Hannah & Janae – Lancaster, PA
  27. Becca & Natalie – Troy, OH
  28. Marlene & Monica – Sebring/Canton, OH
  29. Melissa & Christina – Bloomington/Seattle, ID/WA
  30. Joselyn & Jamie – Philadelphia, PA
  31. Esperanza & Susana – Mesa, AZ

Saturday, August 6, 2022

32. Alisha & Christina – Boston, MA

33. Phillip & Stewart – Sydney, Australia

34. Amanda & Rachel – Kansas City, MO

35. Cecelia & Alice – Waterloo, ON, Canada

36. Caroline & Kristen – Los Angeles, CA

37.  Donald and Ronald – Baltimore, MD

38.  Andrew & Edward – Lancaster, OH

39.  Eli & Dylan – Streetsboro, OH

40.  Aurora & Ariel – Portage, WI

41.  Alexis & Alania – Wellsburg, WV

42.  Abigail & Hannah – Gainsville, FL

43.  Sarah & Allison – Wheaton, IL

44.  Libby & Annie – Kansas City, MO

45. Lauren & Laeten – Appleton, WI

46.  Craigg & Gregg – Albion, MI

47.  Anthony & Elijah – Hudson, OH

48.  Isabella & Annika – Bloomington, IL

49.  Michelle & Tonya – Eau Claire, WI

50.  Sienna & Samantha – Queens, NY

51.  Melinda & Melanie – Pittsburgh, PA

52.  Nina, Ally, Claire, and Lauren – Shaker Heights, OH

53.  Jenny & Jessy – Saint Louis, MO

54.  Derek & Ryan – Cinnaminson, NJ

55.  Kelsey & Emma – Dundee, MI

56.  Jason & Eric – Scranton, PA

57.  Leah & Anya – Saint Louis, MO

58.  Bry & Bren – Erie, PA

59.  Abby & Sophie – Durham, NH

60.  Tara & Jordyn – Kent/Sylvania, OH

61.  David & Phillip – Queens, NY

62.  Deshay & Renee – Las Vegas, NV

63.  Jennifer & Tracey – Colorado Springs, CO

64.  Kaitlyn & Tiffany – Mount Clemens, MI

65.   Peyton & Paige – Lafayette, LA

66.  Jenny & Katie – Parkersburg, WV

67.  Olivia & Sophie – Wellington, OH

68.  Krista & Kara – Yukon, OK

69.  Hannah & Aliza – Carlisle, PA

70.  John & Jim – Oshkosh, WI

71.  Abby & Molly – Berea, OH

72.  Liz & Ursula – Bethpage, NY

73.  Ann & Amy – Milwaukee, WI

74.  Stephanie & Anne – Washington/Grand Rapids, DC/MI

75.  Dylan & David – Ashtabula, OH

76.  Aly & Shelly (Not here) – Ashtabula, OH

77.  Allie & Cassy – Ashtabula, OH

78.  Rebecca & Laura – Pittsburgh, PA

79.  Zayden, Zelia, & Zara – Mahopac, NY

80.  Shannon & Shelby – Lancaster, PA (Met in 2019)

81.  Chelsea & Bailey – Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN

82.  Kristin & Alyssa – Jamestown, RI

83.  David & Phillip – Newcastle, Australia

84.  and Katie & Kristy – Manhattan, NY

85.  Rodney & Ladney – Locust Grove, OK

86.  Katrina & Daniel – Reno, NV

87.  Tom & John – Mountain View, CA

88.  Claire & Katie – Indianapolis, IN

89.  Kelly & Rachel – Westfield, IN

90.  Mike & Tim – Wilsonville/Corvallis, OR

91.  Laurel & Charie – Saint Mary’s, PA

92.  Christie & Maddie – Madison, WI

93.  Jane & Janie – London/Georgetown, ON, Canada

94.  Allison & Liz – Erin/Georgetown, ON, Canada

95.  Brooklyn & Brynlee – Oxford, PA

96.  Hannah & Haley – Buffalo, NY

97.  Evelyn & Georgia – Northfield, OH

98.  Madison & Christine – Melborne/Sarasota, FL

99.  Tami & Marcia – Whitby/Kennilworth, ON, Canada

100.  Azaelea & Ilyanah – Sterling Heights, MI

101.  Zane & Zoey – South Point, OH

102.  Barrett & Gordon – Las Vegas, NV

103.  Marlene & Charlene (Deceased) – Toledo/Orphan Point, OH/IN

104.  Nicole & Tori – York, PA (Met in 2019)

105.  Stephanie & Lisa – Champaign, IL

106.  Anya & Eva – Annapolis, MD

107.  Meridith & Bethany – Fort Mill, SC

108.  Erin & Alyssa – Portland, MI

109.  Jaycie & Jordyn – Grand Rapids, MI

110.  Alex & Alexis – Charlotte, NC

111.  Karlie & Cadence – Pittsburgh, PA

112.  Haily & Tiffany – Whitehouse, OH

113.  Mason & Garrett – Finger Lakes, NY

114.  Gabrielle & Isabelle – Middletown, OH

115.  Margaret & Laura – Sterling Heights, MI

116.  Jamie & Kristy – Bloomfield, NJ

117.  Jamie & Justine – Ravenna, OH

118.  Gwen & Cecelia – Canal Harbor, OH

119.  Drew & Noah – Farmington Hills, MI

120.  Darien & Nina – Farmington Hills, MI

121.  Noah & Drew – Austintown, OH

122.  Aubrey & Olivia – Rootstown, OH

123.  Logan & Ryan – Auburn, OH

124.  Taylor & Hayley – Los Angeles, CA

125.  Kaisha & Erika – Providence, RI

126.  Iveta & Evelyn – Cleveland, OH

127.  Nate & Jack – Twinsburg, OH

128.  Barry & Barren – Cleveland/Willoughby, OH

129.  Amanda & Catherine – Princeton, NJ

130.  Adele & Abagail – Troy, MI

Sunday, August 7, 2022

131.  Kenei & Keiden – Vernon, NJ

132.  Maira & Karen – New York City, NY

133.  Luke & Michael – Dalton/Austin, GA/Texas

134.  Anika & Arden – Akron, OH

135.  Jayden & Jaylen – Lima, OH

136.  Micah & Mira – Twinsburg, OH

137.  Savannah & Sierra – London, OH

138.  Carter & Coleman – Grosse Pointe/Grand Rapids, MI

139.  Khris & Kai – Cleveland, OH

140.  Kelly & Kristy – Cincinnati, OH

141.  Monica & Rachel – Mayfield Heights, OH

142.  Cameron & Dalton – Durham, NC

143.  Matt & Mark – Cleveland, OH

144.  Hailey & Hannah – Aberdeen, SD

145.  Noah & Ethan – Cleveland, OH

146.  Kennedy & Kenzley – Cleveland, OH

147.  Jeremy & Josh – Huddleston, VA

148.  Briana & Brittney – Huddleston, VA

149.  Samantha & Sarah – Portland, OR

150.  Amber & Jada – Hamilton, ON, Canada

151.  Delanie & Dana – Toledo, OH

152.  Etienne & Enya – Corona/Orlando, CA/FL

153.  Megan & Leeann – Denver, CO

154.  Laurel & Stephanie – Cleveland, OH

155.  Brian & Derek – New York City, NY

156.  Brienna & Whittney – Danville/Clovis, CA

157.  Nia & Tia – Milwaukee, WI

158.  Gabriel & Garik – New York City, NY

Monday, August 8, 2022

159.  David & Bradley – Bronx, NY

160.  Anna & Ulrika – Stockholm, Sweden

161.  Taylor & Kailyn – Twinsburg, OH


After twin 161, we left Sheetz.  It was now time to have cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory by ourselves, since unlike 2019, our aunt, uncle, and cousins couldn’t meet us there for it this time.  This would be at the Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi.  We left Twinsburg around 12:17. I took a slightly different way back.  I went down I-480 and I-80 on the Turnpike.  I paid $7.00 after leaving the turnpike to go on I-280 North.  After driving into Michigan, the roads were better than last time, and it wasn’t raining.  It was official.  We were back in Michigan.

We continued into Monroe County on I-75 North.  Eventually, we passed through Wayne County and got onto I-696 West.  Like 2019, we took a wrong turn AGAIN and ended up in Southfield.  We drove through Telegraph Road all the way to 12 Mile Road.  We then followed 12 Mile Road all the way to Twelve Oaks Mall and eventually found a parking space.  We got out and entered the Cheesecake Factory.  What did I get?  Well, after studying the only menu in the world that’s still a little bit like a novel, I found what I was looking for.  I was hungry so I helped myself to some Tex Mex Wontons and some Deep Fried Calimari, since the Ahi Tuna wasn’t available this time.

While I waited for my food, I reflected on the Twins Days Festival with my twin brother.  All in all, it was a fun trip to Twinburg.

After eating my appetizers, the waitress got the novels…I mean, menus back out.  With over 30 different cheesecakes, which two will I eat?

Fortunately, I already had in mind what I wanted.  I decided on the Godiva Cheesecake and the Chocolate Tuxedo Cheesecake.  We reflected on our trip some more while they prepared the cheesecakes.  When they arrived, they were enormous.  Just look at them!

Now this was a tough battle.  If you were here for 2019, you should know this by now.  Whenever you’re faced up against two slices of multi-layered cheesecake, the cheesecake is going to win every time.  Now that Godiva Cheesecake was so rich that I could almost not finish it.  I couldn’t even finish the cream on the Chocolate Tuxedo Cheesecake!  I had to wipe it off, so that it could get taken home.  Now at The Cheesecake Factory, there is one thing that you should never do.  And that’s underestimate their cheesecake.  I underestimated their cheesecake, and now I’m taking a slice home with me.

After having our cheesecake and getting my leftovers, it was time to head home.  I took I-96 West toward Brighton, where US-23 North merges.  With that, I merged onto Brighton and continued north, through Linden and Fenton.  After that, I drove through Flint.

There is not much more to say here, besides navigating familiar territory. Vienna Township, Birch Run, Buena Vista Township, Zilwaukee Bridge, Exit 162B to get onto US-10 West. Very straightforward.

And with that, I have given you every memory that I could think of from one of the most memorable trips that I’ve been on.  You’ve relived it with me and the trip is over.  If you want to relive it again, go ahead.  Scroll all the way up to the top and re-read this entire recap.  It’s really one of those trips that’s worth reliving, and if I could do that, I would totally relive it.  But the best that I can do is capture time, put it into words, and let the words create a wonderful picture.  A picture of a wonderful land full of twins for just one weekend.  A land where every twin gets to be an honorary Twinsburg citizen for the weekend.  This land was truly special and totally unique and it’s something that I don’t ever want to forget.  I’m glad that I shared it with you and I hope to share a different version of this picture with you next year, because it’s something that I will truly never forget.

With the recap over, it is time for bed.  Good night everyone!


Today’s high is going to be 76 degrees and the silver lining is getting this recap done.

To those of you who like retelling stories about your trips, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  *yawn*  That was fun…My twin had to go home.  I’m going to miss her…