Me & My Muse – Day 2601B: The Lost Truth

Twin Muse arrived at the Creator’s realm with tears in her eyes.

Before she could even utter a word, the Creator looked at her with concern.  He teleported her up to where he was and tightly embraced her.  Despite how tight the embrace was, it felt very warm and very comfortable to her.  Her incessant weeping began to slow down as he began to look right into her eyes.

“Kyle doesn’t remember who you used to be, right?”

“Yes!” Twin Muse shouted.  “I was trying to save my sister, but I ended up changing history altogether!”

The Creator nodded, and produced a grin.  “Laying your life down like that does have a cost, and it resulted in the entire timeline being altered.  Do not worry, as I remember every event that has happened from the other timeline.”

Twin Muse’s face lit up.  “So can you change the timeline back?”

The Creator slowly shook his head.  “What would that do to the story?  You wanted to be a real Intangible, right?  Your wish finally came true!  You are the star now!”

Twin Muse nodded, but sighed when she thought of her sister.  “Yes I am, but…” She paused for a minute.  “My sister is now evil.  What she basically did was take my place.  For some reason, I can remember every single memory from this new timeline.  It’s like…I’ve been with Kyle all this time…”

“And that’s why Kyle can’t remember being with your sister,” The Creator told her.  “This is a different timeline, and all he can remember is everything that happened during this time.  You changed everything from the moment you were born when you traded places with her.  Because of that, The Dark Muse took Muse instead of you…”

“I know…” Twin Muse said, wiping a tear off of her eye.  “I want to save my sister!  I want us both to be Intangible!”

“There is a way that I can do that,” he told her.  “But now is not the right time.”  He waved his hand to make a file appear in Twin Muse’s hands.  “This electronic file has every single one of Kyle’s memories from the other timeline.  Now he knows me in this time line so he’ll believe you if you tell him.”

Twin Muse held the file in her hands and beamed.  “Thanks Creator!  For now, I’ll take lead in place of my sister!  I hope that you can fix all of this so we can both be Intangible.  I miss my twinnie!”

“Take heart,” The Creator said as he placed his hand on her arm.  “Let the story run its course.  I will restore her back to normal at the right time.  Now, return to him.  The show must go on!”

“Right!” She shouted.

Filled with hope, Twin Muse left the Creator’s realm, holding the object that would be the key to helping Kyle remember the past.  The true past that he should remember…