Me & My Muse – Day 2601: Back to Normal

To reflect, today at work was pretty busy.  I was able to get everything done.

I am quite tired from last night.  I didn’t get very good sleep.  I at least have a great weekend ahead of me…

As for my Muse, she did not have any transformation this time.  Even worse than that, she’s starting to act crazy.  She thinks that she changed history and has asked several times if she looks different to me.  How can she be?  She’s been the same Muse that I’ve had all my life!  And as for this Dark Muse that I’ve heard about, I never heard of her.  It does remind me of Midnight Muse, though.  I think that Midnight Muse might be the reason for her insanity…


Muse:  You still don’t believe me?

Not at all.  What I don’t understand is how you have always been my Muse.

Muse:  I haven’t always been…

*a flood of past memories of Twin Muse from her entire life fill her mind*

Muse:  Whoa!  Oh my gosh!  A flood of memories just entered me!  New ones!  I have been your Muse all my life!  It’s like I just remembered!  But I also remember a different past…

What do you mean different past?

Muse:  It’s like I said Kyle!  Different.  Past!  Don’t you understand?  A different past where I was the Dark Muse and this Midnight Muse you keep speaking of was always your Muse!

What?  Now you’re talking crazy.

Muse:  You’re crazy for not believing me!  I’m your Muse!  Don’t you trust me?

I’m starting to have my doubts now.  The way that you’re behaving is just not like you…

Muse:  And I do have a name!  It’s Twin Muse, not Muse!

You’ve always been Muse to me.

Muse:  Muse is my twin sister!

What?  You mean that Midnight Muse?  She’s a clone of you.  Remember?

Muse:  Yes, but I also have other memories too!  Please try to believe me!  I will help you to remember…

Enough.  I don’t want to hear anymore about this other memory nonsense.

Muse:  Okay then!  Fine!  No more nonsense, meanie!

*Muse gives me a raspberry and leaves room sulking*

That was childish, but one of her idiosyncrasies of her spunky self.  Time to take things easy now.

Today’s high is going to be 87 degrees and the silver lining is having a weekend to unwind.

To those of you who like having weekends to unwind, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


(Twin) Muse: If he’s not going to believe me, I know who will!

*Twin Muse teleports to Creator’s Realm*



Midnight Muse:  Aw…Is sissy going to the Creator?  Forget her.  I have devised a plan that will seize control of her once and for all.  Did I remember my makeup?  Oh and my sleepover is tonight.  I’ll tell them all about my wonderful plan!  Hee hee!