Me & My Muse – Day 2400B: Weather or Not

I woke up again and glanced around. My eyes casting nervous glances around my Muse.  My Muse was deep in her peaceful slumber.  A Hylian princess in a now peaceful kingdom.  Having gone through many transformations, it always made me nervous as to what she would transform into next.  What would my Muse transform into?  Would it be something good or something bad?  There was no telling as to what she would be next…

The seconds and minutes passed without ceasing.  My Muse slept on, having yet another pleasant dream. With all of these dreams, I often wonder if she has dreams before she transforms…

After that, I saw it.  My Muse began flashing the kind of flash that indicated the beginning of her new transformation cycle.

The flash became brighter and more intense with every second.  Her royal Hylian dress vanished and her normal dress appeared on her.

My Muse then woke up.  She smiled and smacked her lips.  She didn’t look any different from the normal transformations that she underwent.  What’s different about her now?

My Muse sat up and smiled.  When she looked at herself, she frowned.  “I don’t look any different!  Do I look different, Kyle?”

“No.” I told her.  “You look pretty much the same…”

At that, my Muse scowled.  “The same?  Why do I have to be the same?”

Right after she said that, I heard a thunderstorm outside.  That’s when I noticed that her clothing was different.  Her dress, which was originally yellow, was now shades of gray and white.

“Your dress just changed color!” I told her.  “And there’s a thunderstorm outside!”

“A thunderstorm?” She sighed.  “I wanted the weather to be nice…” Her eyes began to fill with tears and she began to sob.

Instantly, I heard the sound of rain hitting the ceiling hard.  It was a huge downpour.  Her dress was now stained blue, with her skin reflecting a slightly blue tint.

I gasped, as I looked at my Muse.

“What?” she continued sobbing.  Her face reddened.  “Why are you gasping?!”

Another crackle boomed so loud that it shook the building.

I looked at her with concern.  “I don’t know how I can tell you this, but I think that your mood controls the weather…”

My Muse shook her head in disbelief.  “Why would you say that?”

“Just look at your dress!” I told her.  “The color changes every time you change your mood.  Try smiling.”

She scowled again.  “Why do you want me to smile?”

“Just try it!”

My Muse sighed, which instantly made it windy outside.  She then calmed her breathing and it became calm again.  She then began to smile.  Her blue dress began to change to a bright orangish yellow.  The sun then began to shine brightly through the window.

I pointed to the sun shining and I pointed at her dress.  “See?”  I told her.  “Your mood affects the weather.”

My Muse smiled even more.  “I can control the weather?  This is going to be great!  I can make all the weathermen wrong with their predictions!”

“I guess you’re the weathermuse now,” I said with a laugh.

“I’ll say!” My Muse said with a laugh.

Right after she laughed, I was lifted up to the ceiling along with her.

But she didn’t stop.  She continued to laugh as her face and body began to press firmly against the ceiling.

Well, it looks like my Muse is going to be able to control the forces of nature this time.  Mainly the weather.  Hopefully, she will smile for 100 days, as I would love all the sunshine.  Whatever mood she is in, I am sure that this next 100 days is going to be interesting…