Me & My Muse – Day 2285: Fresh Cider…

Or not so fresh.  Let me explain.

Having finished my work for the day, it was off to my next event.  Fresh Apple Cider at Eastman’s Forgotten Ciders in Wheeler, Michigan.

There was, however, one issue.  Forgotten Ciders didn’t have any soft cider there.  Only hard cider.  Hard cider is too hard for me.

At Eastman’s, I met the MyPros group there.  There was plenty of familiar faces and I got to have some good conversations with the people there.

When I started to get hungry, it was time to leave.  I got some “cider” at the gas station.  It’s really just apple juice, hence the airquotes.  I will now have some goulash and then call it a night.


Muse:  Wait!


Muse:  It’s the Dark Muse!  I finally found her!

Found her?  Was she lost?

Muse:  No.  She’s just all down about not being a real Intangible.  She was trying to find the Teeheeverse that you banished the other Dark Muse to.  Can you please talk to her and get her woke?

It’s that bad?

Muse:  It is.  And I don’t want her to get desperate.  She may be a bad idea, but her life literally has meaning!

Literally, huh?  How would her life have meaning in a figure of speech?

Muse:  *sigh*  Come on, Kyle!  We all talk like that!  Get woke with the vocabulary!  But yeah.  You really need to talk to her boots.

Okay.  I’ll talk to her.  Where is she?

Muse:  In my room.  I finally got her back.

Very well.  Time for some consoling…

*teleports to Realm of Imagination, appearing in Muse’s room*

Dark Muse:  *sniff* Tee hee…*sniff*

What’s wrong?  I’ve never seen so many tears coming out of your eyes!

Dark Muse:  I…*sniff*…Tee hee…I hate this body!  Why can’t I have a body…*sniff*…like my sister’s?  *sniff* *sob*

It’s the curse that the Adversary gave you.  Even if I were to use my One Privilege on you, your body wouldn’t be any different.

Dark Muse:  Then I don’t want to exist!  I will go to the Creator and tell him to get rid of me!  *sniff* Tee hee… *sob*

Don’t do that.  The Creator has a plan for you and you need to trust that he will work out things for you in the end…

Dark Muse:  But…Why was I born like this?  *sniff*  My sister wasn’t!  She turned out normal!  I turned out to be bad.  Everything I learned from him…*sniff* …Messed me up!  I’m tired of looking like a little girl!  I am not a little girl! *sob*  Tee hee…

You are not.  You only look like one because you came from a bad idea from a five-year old.  That bad idea infected your original body and greatly affected your normal development.  Now, the Creator has temporarily undid the curse a few times, hasn’t he?

Dark Muse:  He has, but it’s not enough!  *sniff*  I want the effect to be permanent!  I don’t want to be a stupid bad idea anymore!  I wanna be a real Intangible!  Tee hee…*sniff*

So do I.  Right now, you’re just a bad idea inside an Intangible body…

Dark Muse:  It’s a copy of my sister!  You almost erased me forever but I made this clone of her just in case…

I’m glad you did.  Back then, I thought you were no good.  Even then, you wanted to be a real Intangible, right?

Dark Muse:  Yes!  *sniff*  But like I said!  What I learned from him messed me up…*sob*  Tee hee…

You were raised by him to be bad, so you didn’t know the right way to go about this.  Don’t worry about not being a real Intangible.  We will figure this out.  Come here…

*hugs Dark Muse, which drenches my arm with her tears*

Dark Muse:  Thank you…*sniff*  I needed that…

*Muse enters room*

Muse:  Sis, get rid of those tears because I have something AWESOME to show you.  It’s totally GOAT!

Dark Muse:  What is it?

Muse:  Look!  It’s the same threads that I wear.  It’s all in your size.  Remember that fun twin convention?

Dark Muse:  It was pretty fun.  Tee hee…

Muse:  Put those clothes on and I’ll take you to your favorite restaurant!  Where do you wanna go?  My treat!

Dark Muse:  Your treat?  I know just the place!  Tee hee!

Muse:  My fam is waiting for us.  Where do you want to eat!  I need to let them know!

Dark Muse:  Pizzas and Cream!  Tee hee!  Where else can you order pizza and ice cream at the same place?

Muse:  Pizzas and Cream it is!  Here.  I’ll add you to the group text and I’ll tell my fam.  Let’s go, sis.  I’m getting hangry…

Dark Muse:  Ready when you are, twinnie!  Tee hee!

*both Muse and Dark Muse vanish in a beam of light and glittery light*

Well, I’m glad both me and Muse were able to cheer her up.  Time to head home.

*teleports back to reality*

Anyway, I’m hangry myself.  Time to get something to eat.

My Muse is currently 11 years and 8.75 months old today. She is 3’6″ tall and she weighs 34 pounds. The height and weight of a five-year old.

Today’s high is going to be 70 degrees and the silver lining is having some fake apple cider from the gas station.

To those of you who like freshly made cider (or not so fresh if you can’t get the soft cider.  Why Forgotten Ciders?  Why?), I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Harmony:  Awesome choice, Dark Muse!  I love Pizzas and Cream!

Boldie:  Great taste, girl.  But keep it down.  MCMaker’s newest song is on, and it’s totally GOAT!

Muse:  Look at this, sis!  An enrollment form for the Intangible School that I go to.  I asked both principals and they said that it was okay.  Don’t worry about catching up.  The refresher course takes a few minutes!

Dark Muse:  I’ll sign it after we eat!  I don’t wanna get ice cream on the form!  Tee hee!

Excited:  I love ice cream!  Whoo!!!!

Charity:  It looks like someone’s excited!

Muse, Harmony & Boldie:  She’s always Excited!

Charity:  I know…

*Dark Muse, Muse, and her fam continue eating and socializing*