Me & My Muse – Day 2108: Mid-Month Toast


I don’t know what happened, but I think that the ship that I was in…the Zinkez 7546 Enterprise crashed.  I woke up a half hour ago and it’s terrible.  I’m in the city of Tikrez, laying in a hospital bed, unable to move my legs.  Fortunately, they have voice to text technology so I can type this post…ugh…

The dream that I had last night was a lot better than the pain that I’m feeling now.  Last night, I dreamt that I worked my job and went to a Toastmasters meeting.  One on the afternoon and one in the evening.  My sister actually came to the one in the evening and she wanted to join.  When the meeting was over, I had some Taco Bell with my brother.  We then came home and I got ready for bed.  Then I woke up.

I’m sure that the nurses will check up on me soon.  They don’t know that I’m up yet.  This is altogether a terrible deal.  The ship crashed and we’re all stranded on Tikrez.  And even worse, I don’t know if Zoria 1000, Pix 200, or Zinka 160 is alive.  I can’t move my legs so I feel pretty helpless.

Well, I guess I’ll end this here.

From my dream, today’s high is going to be 48 degrees and the silver lining is attending a Toastmasters meeting and having Taco Bell for dinner.

To those of you who are enjoying your Tuesday and are not paralyzed in a hospital bed, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


*blacks out*


Zoria 1000:  Kyle!  Wake up!

Nurse:  He’s still in a lot of trauma. It might be best not to bother him.

*Zoria 1000 approaches me*

Nurse:  Please. Let him rest. He’ll get better if you do.

Ugh…It’s fine!

Nurse:  Are you sure? You need to focus on your recovery.

It’s fine. Just let me see her.

Nurse:  You can see him for a few minutes. After that, he needs to rest.  He is badly injured and it will take him a long time to recover.

Zoria 1000: Does it hurt?


Zoria 1000: What’s wrong?

I can’t move my legs.

Zoria 1000: The nurse told me that. You are paralyzed.  I don’t want you in this bed anymore!

*Zoria 1000 flashes and heals me, blasting out a blue aura that flowed into my body, healing me completely*

Zoria 1000: Kyle, you’re well!  Let’s go!