Me & My Muse – Day 2107: Spring Snow Storm and Flavor of the Week…

I had a terrible dream last night.

In this dream, there was snow everywhere.  I had to deal with wet slushy snow on the way into work.  Nonetheless, the day was very productive.

Fortunately, my dream had something positive in it.  I made dinner and it was taco soup.  It was very delicious and strangely enough, I can taste it.

I just finished having dinner with Zoria 1000.  We’re getting very close to Tikrez.  We should be near the atmosphere sometime in the middle of the night.  Both me and her are bored right now.  We’re just looking at each other and laughing.  And she loves to surprise me with a kiss.  I like to as well, but I try to make it very unexpected.  If she’s doing something else or distracted, that’s the perfect opportunity.

Anyway, it’s time to get ready for bed.  I do admit that the teen hormones still feel weird.  I think I’ll get used to them in the days to come.  So far, this journey is going quite swimmingly.

Oh!  I haven’t mentioned anything about Pix 200 and Zinka 160.  They too have been wonderful company.  They enjoy Zoria 1000’s company and are very happy to see me and her together.  I like to think of them as another set of parents considering my other parents are very far away.  Earth is very far from where I’m at, you know.  Parents, but a younger version of my parents, I guess.  They have different quirks that are unique to their home planet that they first found me on.  That was Renzin.  I heard that Tikrez shares the same solar system as Renzin so we’re not too far away from their planet.

Well, Zoria 1000 is looking at me now.  She probably wants me to wrap this up so that we can get ready for bed.  She’ll probably want me to talk more about my planet.  I know if I don’t say anything, she’ll just start reading my mind, so I’ll have to share anyway.

From my dream, today’s high is going to be 49 degrees and the silver lining is having taco soup for dinner.

To those of you who like cooking delicious food, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Zoria 1000:  There.  Are you done?  Sorry everyone.  It’s my turn to have Kyle.  I kind of have a deep crush on him if you know what I mean…

Kind of?  I would say you absolutely do!

*Zoria 1000 kisses me on the cheek*

Zoria 1000:  You know what?  You’re right!  Hee hee!

Kind of.  Heh.  You were being sarcastic…

Zoria 1000:  Hee hee!

*walks toward bathroom to get ready for bed with Zoria 1000, holding hands*