Me & My Muse – Day 2101: A Long Quest

Wow.  I had a weird dream last night.

In the dream, I ended up going to work.  After that, I came home.  I was supposed to cook a meal in my dream, but there was a sudden change of plans.  My mom and dad were with some friends, so I made my own dinner.  I then got ready for bed.

Pretty weird dream, huh?


Zoria 1000:  I’ll say!  Having dreams about earth again?

Yes.  It hasn’t even been a day that I’ve spent on this ship, and I’m already starting to miss home.  It feels weird being 13 again.  The most annoying part about it is having to deal with the acne…again…

Zoria 1000:  I wouldn’t worry about the acne.  I can make it all go away!  You could say it’s just like “magic”…

Indeed it is.  Did you have a good rest?

Zoria 1000:  Yes I did.  I had a couple of good dreams…

Do you mind if you shared them?

Zoria 1000:  No thanks.

Hey!  I told you my dream…

Zoria 1000:  I never said anything about sharing mine.  Anyway, I feel a little strange.  It’s almost like I’ve known you all my life…

I know what that is.  You are my Muse.  That’s why you feel like you know me.

Zoria 1000:  But I’ve only known you for a couple days!  It’s weird that I have that feeling…

My Muse is a fan of the A Long Quest story that I wrote.  Perhaps that’s why she turned into you this time!

Zoria 1000:  Your Muse, huh?  I’ll keep that thought in mind.  I guess that it makes sense…a little bit…Let’s go get breakfast!

I will.  Just let me end this post first.

Zoria 1000:  What post?

You may not be aware, but there’s an audience that’s reading this right now.  They’re watching me dialogue with you.  It’s okay.  You can wave at them.

Zoria 1000:  Hi audience!  That was weird.  I’m heading to the dining area.  Come down when you’re ready, okay?


*Zoria 1000 teleports out of the room*

Well, I guess this is my new reality, until I can get back to earth.  I wonder what I’ll dream of tomorrow.

Oh yeah.  Before I woke up from my dream, I checked the forecast and I mentioned a silver lining.  I will share my dream finding from this point on, day after day.

The high for today is 53 degrees and the silver lining is being able to relax tonight.

To those of you who are relaxing this Tuesday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Zoria 1000:  He’s making a post?  There’s an audience?  Whatever he says!  I do feel like that I know him more than I do.  This is getting weird…