Me & My Muse – Day 2100B: The Mysterious Blonde

I glanced at my Muse, knowing very well knowing very well the pattern of her transformation cycles.  Having experienced so many of them in the past, I know all of her signs already.  When my Muse begins to flash, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she will transform right away.  In fact, there has been an instance where she has done this numerous times and yet there was no transformation until much later.

This is because her transformation is not heralded by just her flashing alone.  When she is about to transform, I usually look for a couple of other signs.  Her body usually convulses and the flashes follow in various different colors.  The different colors almost always indicate that the transformation has officially begun.

Having seen my Muse transform so many times, never once have I had the curiosity to question why she even does it.  At least not until now.   Why does my Muse always transform every 100 days?  Is it part of her DNA?  Does it tie into her creative nature?  The mystery of my Muse both excites me and troubles me at the same time.  It excites me because of how different she is, and I’m always captivated with the wonder of what she is going to transform into next.  It also troubles me because although she always does transform into something different, there’s a possibility that her new form could be something utterly wicked.  She might be a witch, or an imp.  A vile creature sold out to destruction rather than a heroine determined to win the day.

The uncertainty of her transformations has further fueled my curiosity.  From all of the ones that I have witnessed in the past, I can definitely conclude that the nature of her transformations is random, and there are no variables that I can use to control what she becomes.  It’s the creativity that I love about her.  The spontaneous creativity that always surprises me every time.

My Muse laid there, peacefully engrossed in her reverie.  The music of her slumber was denoted by her soft and almost quiet breaths.  Her inhales and exhales were in perfect harmony with the rising and lowering of her tiny stomach.  It was a feast to my ears and a wonderful symphony.  The set continued, with a pleasant sigh to sweeten the piece.

I carefully stared at my Muse, marveling at her beauty.  There was something beautiful about her sleeping.  A beauty that I can’t really put into words.  Her serenade of slumber continued, mesmerizing me.  After several minutes of watching her perform, my eyelids began to droop down and I quickly jerked my face up, fighting fatigue like it was my mortal enemy.  I pinched my right arm and continued watching the mystery of my Muse unfold before my very eyes.  This was her next chapter in her life and I was not about to miss it.

After five more attempts to keep myself awake, the sixth one happened.  My Muse began to convulse violently and her body began to flash.  Her body became completely radiant and bathed the entire room in her light, flashing all the different colors of the rainbow.  If I were to guess, she flashed every color of the visible spectrum.  Hundreds and thousands of colors every second.

As her glowing body flashed, she expanded.  All of her bones and muscles grew just a little and immediately stopped.  And just like that, my battle with fatigue was lost.  I blacked out, unable to see what her transformation would bring…

“Kyle!” a voice called.  It sounded a little different than my Muse.  It resembled the voice of a girl in her early teens.

I opened my eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them.  To my surprise, I was not in the Tower of Muses at all.  I was laying on a different bed, with a blonde teenage girl staring at me.  She looked otherworldly, with jewelry all over her fingers, arms, and neck.

Before I could gaze anymore at the girl, something just was not right.  I was not in the tower anymore, and I was determined to find out where I was.

I threw my legs over the bed and ran out of the room.

“Where are you going?” she said, her mouth agape.  “Kyle!”

Ignoring her call, I was running through what looked like a hallway, and then up the stairs, which led to a cockpit.  Glancing around the panoramic window, I was surrounded by stars and the blackness of space.  Where was I?

I started to run out of the cockpit, but ran directly into the mysterious teenage girl again, knocking her onto the floor.

“What is your problem, Kyle?” the girl looked at me, now looking deeply concerned.

“Who are you, and where am I?” I impatiently asked the girl.

The girl stood back up and shook her head in disbelief.  “Do you really not know who I am?  I am Zoria 1000! We just met last night!  Don’t you remember?”

I firmly shook my head.  “I don’t remember a thing.  The last thing that I remember was being in the Tower of Muses…” I gazed at her, looking all the more curious.  “Okay, Zoria 1000.  Where am I?”

“You are on the Zinkez 7546 Enterprise!  Did you…lose your memory?”

Zoria 1000 stared at me and closed her eyes.  A few seconds later, she reopened them.

My eyed thinned as I starred at her in confusion.  “What did you just do?”

“I read your mind.” She told me.  “You really are telling the truth.  So you were in the tower, watching your Muse sleep?”

I nodded.  “And before I know it, she was transforming!  And then I blacked out!  And now I’m here.”

Zoria 1000 scratched her head.  “I don’t know what to say.  But let’s talk about it tomorrow, okay?”

I nodded, and followed her back down the stairs and down the hallway.  We both entered the bedroom and I entered the bathroom, since I had to use it.

Before I used the toilet, I glanced into the mirror and gasped.  I could not believe it.  Once again, I am thirteen years old!  Now that I’m thinking about it, I did feel a lot more youthful when I woke up.  My body did feel a little smaller.  Besides not being in the tower, things felt a little…off.

I then thought about the tower again, and how my Muse flashed and transformed.  Could she have transformed into Zoria 1000?  That had to have been the case.  In knowing that, how I got here is going to be a whole lot easier to answer.  In another time, in another universe, I traveled with Zoria 1000 and fell deeply in love with her.  With that connection, I know her very well.  One of the things that I can tell you is one of her special powers.  With her being a Zorpozian, she is able to make any of her dreams a reality.  When my Muse transformed into Zoria 1000, Zoria 1000 was dreaming about being on the Zinkez 7546 Enterprise with me.  When she woke up, the dream came true.  I immediately blacked out at the tower and became part of her new reality.

Because of this, I am suddenly stricken with a horror that sends chills down my spine.  I am back in the year 1997.  It is November, and I am flying through deep space with Zoria 1000 and a couple of other travel companions.

With that, the next 100 days will consist of me traveling through space with Zoria 1000, on my very long journey to travel back to earth in order to exact my revenge on Henry.  Despite the clock turning back 21 years, it’s going to be a very enjoyable 100 days.  Since I’m in a different universe, there will be no Dark Muse or Adversary to worry about.  Plus, I’ll be able to relive the past again.  And since I’m thirteen years old again, I don’t have to go to work.  So yay?  I guess?

I used the bathroom and exited with a big smile on my face.  I got in the bed besides Zoria 1000, closed my eyes, and feel asleep.

Let the fun 100-day journey begin.