Me & My Muse – Day 1701: Iron Muse

To reflect, today was quite strange for a Monday.  My store was busier than usual, but I managed.  I then got my tires rotated after that.  Now I’ll


*Intangible woman appears in a beam of light*

Intangible Woman:  Mister Walker?  You have an invitation from Miss Spark.

Oh, Tammy?  My Muse’s new transformation.  Let’s see it.

*gets handed an index card*

Hmm…I’m invited to Spark Tower?  Well, I accept.

Intangible Woman:  Hold my hand, Mister Walker…


*holds Intangible Woman’s hand and vanishes with her in a beam of light*

*appears with Intangible Woman in a vast lobby*

Intangible Woman:  Welcome to Spark Tower.  Miss Spark will be with you shortly…

*Intangible Woman leaves and is replaced by the smooth clicking of heels*

Wow…Marble floor…carpeting boundary overlaid with gold…

*clicking of heels becomes louder and louder, until Muse enters*

Huh…Same outfit as yesterday…

Muse:  That model took longer than I thought to troubleshoot.  I had to run a series of algorithms to pinpoint where all the trouble areas were.

So…Tammy?  Tammy Spark?

Muse:  The one and only.

*a blinding flash materializes into the air, forming a silhouette of a flying metal suit*

???: Stop. Stop.  Enough.

*silhouette becomes another metal suit, with the face of the suit vanishing in a holographic flash*


Tony:  I think that we are right on the edge of infringing copyright law.  Did you take the time to look at the title of your entry?  Iron Muse?  No.  I will not have it.  There can only be one Iron Man.  Take care of it, or I’m calling my lawyers.

???:  Hold on!

What?  Could That be?  Stan Lee?

*Stan Lee emerges from the reception desk*

Stan Lee:  Relax Tony!  This is a fanfic!  They’re all over the internet!

Tony:  But this is a woman sharing s strikingly similar persona.  Spark Tower?  C’mon!  The only difference is one letter!

Stan Lee:  Consider it an honor having such a wonderful hero in your midst!  A hero inspired from your humble beginnings.  There is some fan fiction out there that’s a lot worse.  I think we’re off to a good start.

Tony:  Okay.  I’ll drop the charges.  Just don’t come and ask me for help.

Muse:  And why would I?  This is my 73rd model.  And how many have you made?

Tony:  54.  Mark 55 is under construction.  And as for your piles of scrap metal, barbie dolls don’t count.

Muse:  You liken my creations to dolls?  My latest model can transmute matter and time travel!  Let me guess.  You’ve already done that.

Tony:  *sigh*  Was going to.  Some of my previous marks were going to have that.  I just can’t figure out how to have the wormhole remain stable.

Muse:  Oh!  Well that’s a secret I’m not telling you.

Tony:  You don’t have to.  I don’t need a woman telling me how to make time travel possible.

*Muse jabs Tony in the arm*

Muse:  Excuse me?  What can we do that you can’t?

Tony:  Careful.  I can tear your arm in half.

Muse:  Try it.  I’m Intangible.

Tony:  So you’re a living breathing human formed from something that can’t be touched?  That’s a brain scratcher.  Anyway, I have another colleague to meet with.  You owe me a match, Sparky.  Each of us in our own armor.  I want to see how durable that suit is of yours.

Muse:  I gladly accept.  I want to see if I can break your suit!

Tony:  We’ll make it Saturday.  I’ll have to cancel my date with Pepper.  This is going to be a lot more exciting…

*Tony vanishes in a powerful flash*

Hmm…That was interesting.  Is Stan Lee still here?

*checks reception desk*

He’s gone!  I wonder how he got here?

Muse:  Who knows?  Anyways, Mr.  Stark quite rudely interrupted our conversation.  Litigation is quite a frivolous matter when you consider fan fiction and the doctrine of fair use.  Let’s get to introductions.  I would like to welcome you to Spark Tower.  I am Tammy Spark: President and CEO of Spark Enterprises.

SPARK Enterprises?  Are you serious?

Muse:  Don’t be alarmed.  My company doesn’t mass produce weapons.  It’s the leader in aviation, automobiles, motorboats, recreational vehicles, and space transport.  There is even a line of cosmetics, luxury wear, and lingerie under the name of Sparkle.  In adding up all the lines, the Sparkle brand is worth $12 billion to Spark Enterprises’ $700 billion.

So a $712 billion conglomerate?  Let me guess you wear Sparkle everyth…woo!  That’s smells really good!

Muse:  That’s Sparkle number 12.  Like I said, I have not had any time to bathe since I’ve been working on that model.  Anyway,  feel free to stay here if you wish.  I am going to put the finishing touches on number 73.  See you around!

*Muse vanishes in a beam of light*

Wow.  I think that I’ll stay here a little longer, but I’ll be heading back afterwards.  I have to work tomorrow.  I don’t have a stately tower to retire to like she does…

Time to help with dinner now.

Today’s high is going to be 37 degrees and the silver lining is having the rest of the day to unwind.

To those of you who are enjoying this Monday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  J.A.N.U.S., Report urinary continence level.

J.A.N.U.S.: Your urinary continence is at 78%.  The continence level typical for the average female.

Muse:  So it worked.  My childhood was a success.  Which reminds me.  I have to go…

*Muse runs into nearby bathroom and closes door*