Me & My Muse – Day 1700B: Metal Cocoon

I woke up abruptly, afraid that I would be missing my Muse’s transformation.  My Muse was still laying there, peacefully sleeping as a nine-year old.  The uncertainty bothered me greatly.  Would she transform into something new or into a baby forever?

Seconds turned into minutes.  Minutes turned into more minutes.  My Muse slept on, quietly sighing deeply with content.  From my perspective, it was like she was having a good dream.

Then it happened.  Here it comes.  The moment that I have been waiting for.  This is it.  My Muse is going to change into something different.

The flash began and intensified.  Her body illuminated into a glowing silhouette.  Transformation energy was coursing through her.

Suddenly, the light intensified.  It flowed all over her body, resulting in a series of flashes.  It was like a dazzling light show.  A light show that woke my Muse up.

My Muse, still nine years old gasped.

“Why…am I flashing?”  she shouted, sounding extremely worried.  “Make it stop!”

Right after she said that, the intense flash from her flashing body knocked her unconscious.  The flashing became brighter and she began changing shape.  She grew taller and a heavy suit of metallic armor began grafting all over her body until it covered her.  She was in a robotic shell of metal, with bright LED lights lighting up from the eyes of the machine.

The flashing stopped, and I gasped, running over to the metal suit.

“Muse!” I shouted.  “What happened?  Are you a robot now?”

Meanwhile, a series of electronic sounds was going on inside the metallic suit.  The display turned on, and a series of numbers appeared around her field of vision.  One of them displayed her heart rate and blood pressure.  She glanced at Kyle and a line flowed into him, changing him into a drawing of crass-hatched lines and colored with infrared.  A bunch of data appeared, showing Kyle’s full name and every detail about him on every network.

She smiled.  “It’s a good one, J.A.N.U.S.  I think that we designed a winning model.”

I stared at her in confusion.  “Janus? What are you talking about?”

She smirked, shrugging her shoulders.  “She’s just a nice unbelievable system.  She’s my user interface and one of my greatest creations.”

I glanced at her and frowned.  “Are you a robot?”

At this, she laughed.  “A robot?  Of course not.  This suit is just my latest prototype.  Observe. J.A.N.U.S., disengage suit.”

My Muse spread her hands outwards.  Right after she did this, various pieces of her suit ungrafted from her body and began flying around the room.  When every piece was off, she waved her hand.  Every independent piece of her suit flew into one corner of the room, using mini thrusters.

I glanced at my Muse, now an adult.  Her long golden hair ran down the back of her face.  She wore a flashy violet skirt and both her hands had red finger nails.  She wore matching violet boots.  She looked beautiful.

“What?”  She smiled.  “You’ve never seen a stylish nerd before?  Now if you would excuse me.  I need to run some more tests on my new suit model…”

I smiled.  “All right, Muse…”

“Tammy…” She corrected me.  “It’s Tammy.  Tammy Spark.  Tony’s not the only one that gets to play dress up…”

She summoned all the parts of her suit to graft back onto her and she left the room.

Wow.  It looks like we have another addition in the super hero arc.  I better alert Mighty Mistress and the Marvelous Muses League.

This next 100 days is going to rock.  I just know it…