Me & My Muse – Day 1620B: Big Premiere

Well, I’m at the movie theater now.  I’m very sorry that my Muse has to miss this.  The movie starts in an hour.  The lobby is getting packed and it’s full of excitement.  I wish that we could share the excitement together, but we can’t.  She’s just an eight year old girl with all the restrictions…


Meanwhile, in the Muse’s room…

Muse: It’s not fair!  Why do they have to be so stupid about me seeing the movie?  I love Star Wars!  I loved it since I was a teenager…Wait!  I was a teenager?

Muse:  Urrr…This stupid body.  Why do I have to be eight years old?  Oh yay.  I can use the potty now like a big girl but I still can’t hold it at night…*sigh* These stupid diapers…When can I stop wearing them?  I can remember being fully potty trained before I turned three!  Wait!  How am I remembering all of this?  Have I lived…another life?

*Muse glances at her hands and sighs*

Muse:  That’s right.  All my memories are still there, but they’re repressed when I’m this age so I can remember any of them.  But how am I remembering them?  Urgh!  I wanna see Star Wars!  But I can’t!  ‘Cause I’m a stupid little girl.  Adults get to do everything!  But I am an adult!  An adult trapped in this body!  Why can’t I escape?  *sigh* It doesn’t matter.  I can’t see Star Wars:  The Last Jedi… *sniff*

*Muse closes her eyes and begins to sob uncontrollably*

Muse:  No!  I wanna see Star Wars!  I wanna see Star Wars!  I WANNA SEE STAR WARS!!!!  I WANNA SEE IT! I WANNA SEE IT!!!

*Muse begins flashing brightly*


Muse continues flashing and grows taller while she was still crying*

Muse:  I WANNA SEE IT!!!! I WANNA…Wait!  Why does my voice sound different?  Wait a second…I’m an adult!  Let’s try something out…

*Muse flashes and shrinks back to her eight year old self*

Muse:  And now I’m eight!  That’s pretty cool!  Can I do this?

*Muse creates a clone of herself laying fast asleep in her bed*

Muse:  I can!  Now I’ll turn back…

*Muse flashes and grows back to her adult self*

Muse:  Yay!  I can go and see Star Wars after all!  And I still have my ticket!  I bought it while I was still a giant…

*Muse runs into the bathroom and begins shuffling clothes around*

Muse:  I need to change into my Princess Leia costume!  I’ll get the buns…And now my robe…and there.  Kyle, you better save a seat for because I’m coming!  I get to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi!  Yay!

*Muse flies into the air towards the movie theater*

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