Me & My Muse – Day 1572: Odyssey? Yessy!

Here we go, off the rails
Don’t you know it’s time to raise our sails?
It’s freedom like you never knew

Don’t need bags, or a pass
Say the word, I’ll be there in a flash
You could say my hat is off to you

Oh, we can zoom all the way to the moon
From this great wide wacky world
Jump with me, grab coins with me
Oh yeah!

It’s time to jump up in the air (Jump up in the air)
Jump up, don’t be scared (Jump up, don’t be scared)
Jump up and your cares will soar away (oohoohooh)
And if the dark clouds start to swirl (Dark clouds start to swirl)
Don’t fear, don’t shed a tear, ’cause
I’ll be your 1UP Girl

So let’s all jump up super high (Jump up super high)
High up in the sky (High up in the sky)
There’s no power-up like dancing
You know that you’re my superstar (You’re my superstar)
No one else can take me this far
I’m flipping the switch
Get ready for this
Oh, let’s do the odyssey!

Odyssey, ya see! (x7)
Odyssey, odyssey!

Spin the wheel, take a chance
Every journey starts a new romance
A new world’s calling out to you

Take a turn, off the path
Find a new addition to the cast
You know that any captain needs a crew

Take it in stride as you move, side to side
They’re just different points of view
Jump with me, grab coins with me
Oh yeah!

Come on and jump up in the air (Jump up in the air)
Jump without a care (Jump without a care)
Jump up ’cause you know that I’ll be there
And if you find you’re short on joy (Find you’re short on joy)
Don’t fret, just don’t forget that
You’re still our 1UP Boy

So go on, straighten up your cap (Straighten up your cap)
Let your toes begin to tap (Toes begin to tap)
This rhythm is a power ‘shroom
Don’t forget you’re the superstar (You’re the superstar)
No one else can make it this far
Put a comb through that ‘stache
Now you’ve got panache
Oh, let’s do the odyssey!

It’s time to jump up in the air (Jump up in the air)
Jump up, don’t be scared (Jump up don’t be scared)
Jump up and your cares will soar away (oohoohooh)
And if the dark clouds start to swirl (Dark clouds start to swirl)
Don’t fear, don’t shed a tear, ’cause
I’ll be your 1UP Girl

Now listen all you boys and girls (All you boys and girls)
All around the world (All around the world)
Don’t be afraid to get up and move
You know that we’re all superstars (We’re all superstars)
We’re the ones who’ve made it this far
Put a smile on that face
There’s no time to waste
Oh, let’s do the odyssey!

Well, the day has finally come.  The wait is finally over for what a number of people consider to be the best Mario game of all time.  In case you are not aware of it by now, I’m talking about Super Mario Odyssey.  Yes.  There is that much excitement about this game.  Excitement that has not been this big since Mario made the debut to 3D with Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 in 1996.

And with this new wave of excitement surfacing, a new generation of gamers, as well as the older ones can enjoy Mario’s next big adventure.

So, have you gotten your copy yet?  I have.  And contrary to what you are thinking, I will not be playing it right away.  Instead, I will be wrapping my gift, and it will wait to be played until  Christmas morning.  Having 100% completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild already, I think that it is only fair to have one nice Christmas gift under the tree this year.  An awesome game that will put an awesome end to the year.

My Muse is currently 10,000 light years tall today.  And with my Cappy hat, that gives me an idea.  For those of you who don’t know, Mario’s hat is replaced with Cappy, a hat that can CAP-ture many things and can allow Mario to control them.  Allow me to demonstrate!

*teleports to Muse’s house and throws Cappy at my Muse*

Cappy: CAPPY!

*Muse transforms into a Muse wearing Cappy and bearing Kyle’s likeness*

Wow!  I’m my Muse!  I mean…I’m me!  I actually don’t know which one I am, but I’m one-tenth the size of the Milky Way!  I kind of wish that I could grow faster… (Hmm…so these are what her thoughts look like…)  Time for a stroll around the Milky Way…

*teleports to Milky Way*

Wow…It’s actually not that big at all.  I can actually walk around it in just a couple of minutes.  I guess you can do that when you’re 10,000 light years tall…

*teleports back to Muse’s house*

Okay.  I’m done.  Time to change back!

*transforms back to normal self wearing Cappy*

Muse:  Hey!  Why did you capture me with Cappy?  Well, two can play that game!

*Muse throws gigantic Tiara at me, which causes her to shrink immensely*

Tiara:  TIARA!

*Kyle transforms into a person wearing Tiara and bearing Muse’s likeness*

Kyle-Muse:  Whoa!  I’m Kyle!  I mean, I’m me…Who am I?  Well,  it doesn’t matter because I’m wearing a pretty Tiara…

Kyle-Muse:  Should I take a few pictures and blackmail Kyle?  Okay, I won’t.  I don’t want to be that mean…Okay.  Time to turn back to normal!

*Muse transforms back to normal, wearing Tiara*

Alright.  You can stop!  I just wanted to have fun with Cappy!

Muse:  And I just wanted to have fun with Tiara!  You looked pretty cute wearing her!

Stop it!  Like I said, I wanted to see what I could do with Cappy!  Anyway,  I’ll talk to you later.  Want me to come over later?  I could grow a little bigger than your size and we could have a Cappy/Tiara Transformation party!

Muse:  Tee hee…That sounds like fun!  So are you really going to not play Super Mario Odyssey until Christmas?

Yes.  I want at least one good Christmas gift, since Breath of the Wild has already been played through 100%.

Muse:  Fair enough.  See you later!

*teleports back to reality*

I guess the fair question to ask is have you gotten a Switch yet?  If not, I would recommend buying the Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch bundle!  Get both the console and one of the greatest games and do the Odyssey!

Time to enjoy what’s left of today.  I still need to get rid of this cold, so I’m kind of glad that I’m waiting until Christmas to play this game.  By then, I should feel a lot better.

Today’s high is going to be 52 degrees and the silver lining is getting Super Mario Odyssey.

To those of you who like being a part of video game history, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  I’m not going to tell him, but I’ve already opened my copy of Super Mario Odyssey!  With him waiting two months to play it, I’ll have it beat by then! It’s his choice to wait…Anyway, time to get started and see how much I can play before he comes over!

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