Me & My Muse – Day 1500B: Growth Spurt

I stared at my Muse for what seemed like hours.  They were only minutes, but every one felt much longer than that.  She was still in her Jedi form, having her hair in her classic twin-ponytail hairstyle.  They were more like stubs than ponytails.  Just two pretty brown stubs.

She pleasantly exhaled while she rested.  A smile came to her face.  It sounded like she was having a good dream.  That was good for her, but I was sitting there, waiting for her to change.

Several more minutes passed.  Just when is she going to change?  She has been a Jedi for 100 days now.  While I do like that form very much, I would very much prefer something different now.  I then thought of all the negative forms that she has been in the past.  Bad Idea Muse, Shy Muse, Evil Muse, Fat Muse…maybe not that different.  Hopefully, she will change into something good once again.

“Please,” I pleaded.  “Please change into something good.  Not anything bad.  Please…”

That is what I hoped every time that she transformed.  In most cases, it’s not something bad.  With her baby form, it wasn’t necessarily bad.  Just very stressful and frustrating.  Hopefully, she will be something less stressful, like her Jedi form…

I continued anxiously waiting, until I heard a sudden gasp.  Why did she gasp?

Then I saw it.  While sleeping, she began to flash.  First, it was only once.  Seconds later, she flashed twice.  A few seconds later, she flashed a few more times.  This was it.  My Muse was changing her form once again.

A series of flashes emanated from her as her Jedi hairdo disappeared and her normal hairstyle reappeared: just one thick ponytail.  A flashing banana emerging from her flashing hair.

Her entire body flashed while she continued transforming.  Her legs, torso, neck, and face all extended slightly.  Is she growing taller?

And in just the same way the flashing started, it stopped.  My Muse was just her normal, sweet self.  She was in her normal clothes: a pink dress and white shirt.

My Muse then awoke and yawned.  “Kyle…” she yawned, sounding confused.  “What just happened?”

“You transformed,” I told her.  “Do you know what you turned into?”

My Muse shook her head.  “No…” She glanced at her hands.  “I don’t feel any different.  Did I actually not transform this time?”

I glanced at my Muse again and again.  “Hmm…” I said, thinking deeply.  “You do look a little different…”

My Muse looked even more confused.  “How?  I don’t feel any different…”

I got out a tape measure with my One Privilege.  “Let’s measure you to make sure.  How tall were you before you transformed?”

“Four foot six,” My Muse instantly responded.

I extended the tape measure beyond what she told me.  “You are a little taller.  I have you at four foot nine now.”

My Muse gasped.  “Four foot nine? You know what that means!”


“In just one more inch, I won’t need a booster seat anymore!”  My Muse burst into laughter.  “But seriously, I’m a little taller!  Am I going to be just three inches taller for the next 100 days?”

I shrugged my shoulders.  “Perhaps,” I told her.  “Maybe that’s all that’s going to happen.”

My Muse hugged me.  “Well, I’m fine with that!  I finally get to be normal for a change!”

I nodded.  “I’m fine with that.”

My Muse glanced at her dress.  “This dress…It’s just the right size!  Hold on.  I need to adjust all my dress sizes!  I’ll be right back!”

My Muse happily skipped out of the room and into the hallway, toward her other bedroom.

So, this is it?  My Muse is just going to be three inches taller this time?  I guess I can live with that.  It’s nothing out of the ordinary.  With that, I can say this with confidence.  For the first time in a long time, she is going to be normal for the next 100 days…


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