Me & My Muse – Day 1440: Dinner With the Family

To celebrate Father’s Day a day early, I will be having dinner at my grandparents.  My family and both my uncles will be there.  All and all, it should be fun.

Besides that, I’ve been enjoying my day off…


Muse:  And I will be enjoying myself as well, with my training coming along nicely…

I know.  Your Jedi training with your raised Midi-Chlorian count, right?

Muse:  Wrong!  My Sith training!  The Galactic Empire is in the final stages of being rebuilt.  The Jedi training camp has been destroyed, with a few Jedi killed, but the rest of them escaped!

How could you?

Muse:  How could I not?  I just couldn’t resist the power of the Dark Side…Now, I need to locate the whereabouts of Luke and the other remaining Jedi.  They all must be disposed of, as they are the biggest threats to the Empire…Farewell!

*Muse vanishes in a cloud of smoke*

*a bright light flashes*

Luke:  She’s gone, right?


Luke:  I think that I know what is going on with her.  A friend has filled us in.

A friend?

???:  The Dark Muse tainted her.  She planted a dark seed inside her…


Remedy:  She is not the only Intangible that knows the ways of the Force.  I am a Jedi Master myself.

You are?

Remedy:  Indeed.  I was a student of Master Yoda before Luke was even born!  Now, the Dark Muse entered her and left her body.  That left her imprint inside her.

Luke:  So with that, she lost control of herself and went to the Dark Side…

Remedy:  Correct.  There is a way to save her, but we need to be careful.  The Empire has been rebuilt and is at large…

I would imagine.  Muse used her Jedi powers to do this, right?

Remedy:  Wrong!  I believe that she forgot to give something back to you.

She did?  You don’t mean?  Oh no…The Master’s Privileges?  The ones that she acquired when she was Tee Hee Girl?

Remedy:  Yes.  She forgot to give them back to you.  Because of that, she is using those privileges to rebuild the entire Galactic Empire!

Well, she doesn’t have the One Privilege, and I will see to it that she won’t summon the Dark Baby Muse to get them either…

Remedy:  That shouldn’t be an issue.  They are locked in a dimension that can’t be unlocked.  Your One Privilege is the only one that can unlock it.

They?  Oh yeah.  That Dark Baby Princess Muse is there too…

Remedy:  Anyway, we need to get a move on.  I will head back to the Resistance’s headquarters with Luke.  The rest of the surviving Jedi are there.  Report here when you’re ready.  We can’t let the Empire succeed…

Luke:  We’ll get her back, Kyle.  Don’t worry.  See you there!

*Luke and Remedy vanish in a beam of light*

Once again, the Dark Muse is up to no good.  And it seems like she has the same intelligence as the Dark Damsel.  My Muse needs to get back to normal and the Empire must be stopped.

Time to get ready for the day.  The dinner is a little bit later.  After that, I will be taking it easy at home.

Today’s high is going to be 81 degrees and the silver lining is having dinner later at my grandparents.

To those of you who are enjoying your weekend with your father, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Ready the squadron of Death Stars.  Every planet will surrender the Jedi to us, or their planet will be destroyed!

Dark Muse:  What do you want me to do, Master?

Muse:  Search for Luke and the others.  They and the other Jedi should be in a hidden base somewhere.  Find them and kill every last one!

Dark Muse:  Yes Master!  Mwa ha ha…

Muse:  Every planet in this galaxy will surrender to the newly rebuilt Galactic Empire!  Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!