Me & My Muse – Day 1218: Election Eve

Well, it’s the eve of of the election…That’s if the world goes back to normal.

With the world being invaded by more than a million Daleks, an election in the United States is the least of our worries right now.

I myself am concerned for the lives of those people down there.  Those Daleks…They show no mercy.  They will kill someone without a second thought.  That Davros has made a mistake in designing such a destructive race.  Why couldn’t they have just stayed at Skaro?

???: Because they are not content with staying there.  They will swarm the universe, vaporizing everything until there’s nothing left.

Doctor!  You escaped?

The Doctor:  Of course I did!  Thanks to these nifty sunglasses…

Ah…Your sonic sunglasses…

The Doctor:  Yes.  Both stylish and functional.  Now, we are going to break out and stop this invasion.  I have a teleport that can take us all to the TARDIS.

Or…I could use my One Privilege to take all of us to the TARDIS…

The Doctor:  You could…But the Dark Muse could counter it.  Let’s go with my plan.

What about my Muse?

Muse:  I already escaped.


Muse:  My sonic lip stick, of course!  Never leave home without it!


The Doctor:  Go ahead.  Exterminate us!  *whispers to me and my Muse*  Both of you!  Grab me on three!

*we both nod*

The Doctor:  One!  Two!


The Doctor:  Three!

*The Doctor activates teleport, which sends all three of us to the TARDIS*

The Doctor:  Quick!  Let’s get out of here!  They shouldn’t be able to find us with the cloaking turned on…

*The Doctor activates controls, causing the TARDIS to power up and travel to a different time period*

The Doctor:  Here.  We will create a black hole that will destroy the entire Dalek fleet! Since it’s before the Dark Muse sent the Daleks, she won’t suspect us.

Who’s creating the black hole?

The Doctor:  You are!  Duh!  Mr. One Privilege!

A black hole will appear, sucking in the entire Dalek fleet.  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*black hole appears, destroying Dalek fleet*

The Doctor:  There.  That will hold them off for now.  They’ll be back…from some other random time period.

Muse:  It’s a possibility.  We have traveled a lot through time, so we could encounter them anywhere…

Well, that should upset the Dark Muse’s plan, but I’m sure she’ll think of something else.

The Doctor:  She will.  Time to land!

*The Doctor activates the controls again, making the TARDIS disappear and reappear in a different time period*

There.  The day before the election.  Not a single Dalek in sight.  No ships at all…This is where I get off.  Thanks for saving the day!

The Doctor: Anytime!  And “sister”, we will talk later, okay?

Sister?  (Oh yeah…The Doctor altered his timeline to have The Muse born with him on Gallifrey.)

Muse:  Definitely, dear “brother”…

*exits with Muse into Muse’s room*

I’m going to return home.  I’ll see you tomorrow.

Muse:  Okay!  If you need me, I’ll be in my pink box…

*Muse enters pink TARDIS and closes door*

There.  It’s good that I can vote tomorrow.  A bunch of Daleks would have ruined everything.

Time to get ready for my friend to come over.  He hasn’t come yet, but he could still come today.

Today’s high is going to be 64 degrees and the silver lining is my friend coming over tonight.

To those of you who like friend visits, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Phew!  Made it back in time to use the bathroom.  Not even The Doctor knows about this…thankfully…


Meanwhile, in a secret undisclosed area…

Dark Muse:  Traveling back in time to prevent a Dalek invasion?  Okay.  You win this round…for now.  Muse…


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