Me & My Muse – Day 1217: Falling Back – Part II

So have you done it yet?  Have you turned your clocks back?  If you forget to do this, you’re going to be a little early for work tomorrow morning.

Right now, it would be almost 5:30 in the afternoon. But it’s not, since we have fallen back.  Instead, it is almost 4:30 in the afternoon.   Oh, I just love standard time!


Muse:  It’s nice, but the only drawback is shorter days.

I know.  It’s going to get dark at 6:00 instead of 7:00.

Well, it’s time to wrap this up.


???:  So soon?  Where’s the fun in that?

Muse:  Who are you?  You almost seem like someone I know!

???:  It’s because I am.  Don’t recognize the new regeneration…Muse?

Muse:  The Dark Muse!  What are you up to now?

Dark Muse:  Not much.  I only invited 1,000,000 Daleks to come and destroy this planet.  I’m pretty sure you won’t mind, dear.

So you’re a Time Lady, too?

Dark Muse:  Of course, dear.  I still look lovely after all these years.  But since you don’t recognize me,  I will use a term that you’re very well familiar with…Tee hee!

So same Dark Muse, only more intelligent.

Dark Muse:  I could’ve settled on a male form, but I preferred being a lady…

Muse:  Where’s The Doctor?

Dark Muse:  Playing with the Daleks, of course.  You should see how he plays with them!  It’s like a giddy boy on Christmas Day!

Muse:  Lead me to the Doctor!

Dark Muse:  Oh I would, if he were still alive…

Don’t tell me he’s dead!

Dark Muse:  He might be, he might not be.  You never know with those Daleks.  I did send the invites to them…

Spill it.  The Daleks aren’t just here to destroy the planet.

Dark Muse:  Why I would be PRIVILEGED to!

So they’re after my One Privilege, huh?  Well, they can’t destroy earth if I’m still on it.  If I die, the privilege dies too!  And I can put an end to this right away!  All of the fleet of Dalek ships are gone and The Doctor is safe!  One Privilege, ENGAGE!

Dark Muse:  Oh dear!  What should I do?

*the fleet of Dalek Ships reappear*

WHAT?  How did you do that?

Muse:  That is impossible! Unless…the only way to counter a One Privilege is with another One Privilege.  Now that’s absurd…

Dark Muse:  What is it, Muse?  What’s this “absurd”?

Muse:  If you have the One Privilege, you could very easily annihilate us and take the other One Privilege.  So why aren’t you?

Dark Muse:  Why, that would be a wonderful idea, darling…There is, however, only one problem with that.  I do not have the One Privilege!

Muse:  Then you’re getting the energy from it somewhere.  Some source is feeding you the energy, but you don’t have the full measure of it.  At best, it can only match the power of the One Privilege…

Dark  Muse:  Bravo!  Why you are a smart little girl, aren’t you!

*Muse shoves Dark Muse out of the Pink TARDIS, with Muse following*

Muse:  And you’re a selfish brat!

Dark Muse:  Oh come on, dear.  You know that you like me.  Now, we don’t want to keep our Dalek guests waiting…

*a large horde of Daleks teleport onto earth*


Dark Muse:  Over here! Over here!  I found her!

*a large group of Daleks surround Muse*


Dark Muse:  You want him, too?  He’s right over here…

*Dark Muse grabs me by the arm and throws me forward*

No.  It’s not going to end like this. All the Daleks are gone. One Privilege, ENGAGE!

*the large group of Daleks vanish*

Dark Muse:  Uh-ahh!

*Dark Muse motions her hand and all the Daleks reappear*

Dark Muse:  Come on, dear!  Don’t try to make it more difficult than it already is!  Take them away.


*vanishes with Daleks, appearing on a ship*

So, what are you going to do with us?


Muse:  And what are you doing with me?


Davros:  Enough!  My children, you will not exterminate either of them.  Get all the information out of them that you can.  When you are finished, I will then give you the order to exterminate them.

Dalek Leader:  AS YOU WISH, MASTER!

Davros:  Take them to their cells.

*gets placed in an isolated cell*


Well, I didn’t expect it to end this way.  Hopefully, I’ll find a way to escape.  Hopefully, The Doctor is alive.

The Dark Muse is back again as a Time Lady?  What could be giving the Dark Muse all that power?  Where else could there be a One Privilege?  Is she drawing my own power from a different time period?  I hope to escape soon…

The high for today is going to be 65 degrees and the silver lining is going to tonight’s prayer meeting.  That is, if I can escape this Dalek mothership…

To those of you who are taking it easy on this Sunday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  A separate cell, huh?  Rather smart, considering that the Daleks don’t want us to plot anything together.  Now I know that The Doctor is alive.  He doesn’t just die like that.  I have known him for millennia.  I can feel it…