Me & My Muse – Day 1197B: Cavern of Coins II – SUCCESS!!!!


Remember this guy? If not, go back and read Cavern of Coins.  That should refresh your memory.

Our good old friend Captain Toad is very happy today.  Why?  Because he finally found the treasure at the bottom.

Where did he find this treasure?  He found it in the deepest depths of the Mummy Me Maze Forever.

Forever?  Did you actually read part 1?  If not, here’s a brief refresher.  Mummy Me Maze Forever is a long and perilous maze full of coins and traps.  The coins may be tempting.  But watch out for that Goomba! And that Fire Piranha!  And that Charging Chuck!  Oh!  And Bullet Bills too?  And whatever you do, don’t look back!  There are mummies right on your tail!

There are 50 levels, with rest points on the 10th, 20th, 35th, and 50th levels.

After a very long hiatus, my friend has finally managed to conquer this stage.  What lies at the bottom?  (Spoiler Warning if you really don’t want to see.)


Behold.  The end of Mummy Me Maze Forever.  For those who have attempted it, this is indeed very hard and this is what the reward room looks like.

What’s in the “THANK YOU!!” message?  Numerous gold mushroom each worth 50 coins are inside.  There are two Super Pickaxes.  One visible and one hidden in one of the sprouts.

And let’s not forget the crown.  The crown is basically your wearable trophy giving you bragging rights that you beat one of the toughest levels in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.  You also unlock all the coin bonus games, so you can practice them as much as you want!

And for the record,  my friend made it to the 50th level, and he had 7002 coins after he cleaned out the treasure room.  If you plan on doing this, you will want to get at least 5000 coins to truly “beat” this level.  If you get all the coins on the first 10 levels, and run the rest of the way, getting that much should be a cinch.

But getting there won’t.  Each level is randomly generated with the same classes of enemies occupying each level.  Levels 1-4 will always have Piranha Plants. Levels 6-9 have Piranha Sprouts.  Levels 11-14 have Goombas and Goomba Towers.  Levels 16-19 have Boos.  Levels 21-24 have Fire Piranha Plants and more common Super Mushrooms.  Levels 26-29 have Blue Shy Guys.  Levels 31-34 have Bullet Bills.  Levels 36-39 have Piranha Sprouts.  Levels 41-44 have Bullet Bills and Goomba/Goomba Towers and more common Super Pickaxes.  Levels 46-49 have Fire Piranhas and Boos.  Levels 5, 15, 25, 30, 35,  40, and 45 have hordes of Charging Chucks and a Magikoopa.  While the contents of the room are fixed, the layout and placement of the coins, items, and enemies will be different every time you play through it.

With my friend finally accomplishing this, I am very happy that this can be put to rest.  Congratulations, Captain Toad my buddy.  You found your treasure.  Celebrate it with your friend!




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