Me & My Muse – Day 1179: Why Thursdays can be Pretty Much the Same…

Unlike yesterday, this is going to be a condensed version.

Why are Thursdays also kind of exhausting?  This can be explained in a few short sentences.  Morning shift at work.  Drive home after work.  Prepare for speech for Toastmasters meeting.  Drive to meeting and present speech.  Drive home from meeting and go to bed.  Yeah.  This week and next week are pretty much going to be this in a nutshell (Maybe except for the speech. I have yet to think of a touching story…).  Why next week?  With my Thursday Toastmasters club, it meets every first, third, and FIFTH Thursday.  Because of this, there are always two meetings back to back.  The fifth meeting of the month and the first meeting of the next month.  The second week of October will be kind of nice…


Muse:  No!

*Muse runs past me and into my room*

What was that all about?  She was in nothing but her diaper…

Nurture:  Have you  seen Muse?  I’m trying to find her.  I’ve been trying to get her to use the potty but she keeps refusing…

Have you been trying to dress her too?

Nurture:  *sigh*  I don’t know what it is but she keeps removing her shirt and throwing it on the floor.  For her purple elastic pants, I have stopped with that too after putting them on her for the sixth time…

She’s in my room.  Can you get her out of there?  I don’t want her to wreck anything…

*Nurture runs into my room*

Nurture: Musie dear, this needs to stop.  Big girls wear clothes, okay?

Muse:  No!

*Muse runs out of my room and back into the living room*

Let’s see.  She’s 22.25 months old today.  She’s 30 inches tall and weighs 21.96 pounds.  The height of a 14 month old and the weight of a 15 month old.

Nurture:  And she’s in Size 3 diapers now.  Musie’s getting trained before she can fit in Size 4’s…

Muse:  No!

Nurture:  No?  Don’t you want to be a big girl?

Muse:  No!

Nurture:  Then what does Musie want to do?

Muse:  Pay Kyle!

Does she mean “play with me”?

Nurture:  Yes.  Honey, I think that Kyle’s busy.  Maybe another day.

Muse:  No!

Nurture:  How about tomorrow, huh?  Come with mommy…

*Nurture grabs Muse and vanishes in a beam of light*

My is she quite the handful today!  I surely hope that we can get her toilet trained soon.  I don’t want her to be wearing diapers as an adult…

Anyway, it’s time to practice my speech for tonight.  And then come home and rest for the last day that I have to work.  Friday can’t come soon enough, can it?

Today’s high is going to be 67 degrees and the silver lining is going to Toastmasters tonight.

To those of you who just can’t wait for Friday to come, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Nurture:  Musie dear, stop moving.  I need to get that diaper off of you.  You need a new one.

Muse:  No!

Nurture:  If I don’t, there’s going to be a big mess.  Now hold still.

Muse:  No!

Nurture:   *sigh*

*Nurture uses her abilities to stop Muse from moving, which Muse easily overrides*

Muse: No!

Nurture: (urrr! This kid is impossible!)  Oh!  Dear!  Honey!  It’s starting to go all over…

Muse:  Hee hee hee hee ha ha ha!