Me & My Muse – Day 1173: Round Robin Green Haircut

To summarize, today was a very productive day.

I worked my shift and came home.  Now for the round robin part.  Why did it feel like a round robin mowing the lawn?  Right after my brother finished mowing the lawn, I started on my side.  This was efficiency at its best.

Other than that, I have managed to clean the bathroom, pay my bills, do the laundry, and clear out 15 days worth of email on my other account.  It’s all caught up now, and I’m ready to relax.


Remedy:  So are we.

Remedy and Nurture!

Nurture:  I just finished putting Muse to bed.  Working with her all day was exhausting.  Both me and Remedy are on a date right now.

What’s wrong with her?

Nurture:  Muse is behind in development.  I am not worried at all about her speech, but her motor functions are delayed.  This morning, she could not even crawl.  I had to pick her up whenever she wanted to move anywhere.

This makes sense.  When she had my One Privilege, all she did was float around.  She didn’t even crawl or walk or anything.

Nurture:  That’s the problem.  In her depending on that too much, she has forgotten how to crawl.  Just this afternoon, I finally got her to crawl again.

What about yesterday?

Nurture:  She was not even walking yesterday, but she was crawling.  She was behind a whole stage in her motor skills.

That is not good.  An almost three-year old that can only crawl.

Nurture:  An almost three-year old still in diapers!  Add that to the list.  Candy didn’t work.  She kept refusing and when I forced her on there, she started throwing a temper tantrum.  She is getting out of those diapers sooner or later.  I’m tired of changing her.

Remedy:  And so am I.  I feel like I have changed as many diapers as you have.

Nurture:  Actually, I think I changed a little more.  I actually talked to my mother about this.  She actually had to raise me five times?  I can’t really remember having five life cycles but I guess I have.

Remedy:  You did.  You became Nurture in your fifth life cycle.  Before then, you were a Muse…

Nurture:  That’s right…It’s been so long.  I think that you have had seven life cycles!

Remedy:  A little more than you…Yes.  I was a male Muse before the seventh one…

Anywho, we will get her trained.  You succeeded on your first life cycle, right?

Nurture:  Of course!  What kind of mother do you think I am?  Muse was so good at it that she never had an accident after she learned!  Only took a month to train her!

Let’s see.  She’s…10 months old today.  She’s 25 inches tall and she weighs 11.25 pounds.  The height of a five-month old and the weight of a two-month old.

Nurture:  Yes.  She can just about fit into six month clothing.  They’re a little big on her, though.  And she’s in size 1 diapers now.  I can do this.  This is only my second time.  My mother had to do this five times with me…

Five lifespans is a very long time…

Nurture:  But they vary.  Muse was dying, so she had to begin a new lifespan.

Is that what Muses do?

Remedy:  Absolutely!  Beginning a new lifespan is the only defense mechanism in that kind of situation.

Well, she’s only got about another month and she’ll be an adult, right?

Nurture:  She should be, if she has reached all her right milestones…She’ll get there.  We already conquered crawling today.  We’ll work on walking when she’s about a year again and toilet training when she’s between 18 and 24 months.

What about infant training?

Nurture:  I haven’t heard good things about this.  You’re training the reflex.  You want them to be prepared and ready.  And I’ll be doing this by showing her the bathroom…

How are you doing?  For the longest time, you were possessed by billions of Muse clones…

Nurture:  I feel fine.  Thanks for asking!  The world inside me has recovered but that was a terrible experience.  Fortunately, I have no memories of it at all…

Well, I’ll let you both continue on your date.  Have fun!  Oh…What about Muse?

Nurture:  Don’t worry about that.  If she needs anything, I will hear it.  Intangibles like me have telepathic baby monitors!

Remedy:  Yes.  And I have one, too!  Muse will be fine.  Good night, Kyle!


*Remedy and Nurture vanish in a beam of light*

Well, that was nice of them to visit!  It looks like the damage to my Muse is being repaired, slowly but surely…

Time to relax and enjoy the remainder of this evening.

Today’s high is going to be 67 degrees and the silver lining getting a lot accomplished.

To those of you who are glad that it’s finally Friday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Nurture:  It’s nice that she’s sleeping so soundly right now…

*back at Muse’s room*


Remedy:  You spoke too soon!

Nurture:  Right on cue!

*Remedy and Nurture teleport back to Muse’s room*