Me & My Muse – Day 1154: A Day of Leisure

Did I say leisure?  Leisure is something that I wish I had, but I’m stuck babysitting my Muse again…

I am typing this from my Muse’s computer, since I have to constantly be watching her.  Fortunately, she is taking a nap right now.

Because I lost my One Privilege, I can’t generate clones anymore and she can’t be controlled.  I have both weighed and measured my Muse.  She looks about half her age from yesterday.  I don’t know for sure since I don’t have my Privilege (urr…). She’s about 5.5 months today.  She is 20.5 inches long and she weighs 7 pounds.  That makes her the height of a half month old and the weight of a newborn.  I have her in her newborn clothes and size Newborn diapers again.  She is very exhausting when she’s awake.  She didn’t throw me around like yesterday but she does cry a lot.  A lot of her powers are used without her knowing it.  I think that the younger she gets, the harder her powers are to control.



Well, I better end this one.  She’s crying.  She probably needs another bottle or a diaper change.  Maybe both.

Today’s high is going to be 80 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off.

To those of you who are enjoying this Sunday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.



Hush hush!  Stop crying. I’m here…

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