My Writing Journey – Use the Right Words (8/25/2016)

Welcome back, everyone.  while PR tactics will not be discussed today, the focus has shifted to writing.

From yesterday’s ideation session at incuba8 Labs, Caryn had some useful tools for gauging your target audience.  When it all comes down to it, you want to use the right words.  With the right words, you reach your key audience.

One useful tool that she showed me was this brainstorming sheet.  We did an exercise that looked at six different items: Priority, Audience, Motivation, Offering, Uniqueness, and Value Created.  For just that day, we focused on audience, motivation, and offering.

When you’re targeting an audience, you want to find out the reason why they want to come.  For instance, why did you visit my site and read this post?  In targeting an audience, that is very important.

For an audience, you also need to find out what you need to attract them.  Each audience is different, so this will come with researching what your audience is.  You want to keep the uniqueness but you want to find out what attracts them.  The priorities can be sorted out later, but we key focus must be addressed.  Who is the audience?

For any audience, there is going to be different trends.  To address these trends, you need to research what can be done well.  What resources can be used?  What steps should you take?  What is the time frame?  All of these things need to be considered in your research.

The other tool that Caryn showed me was Google Trends, something that you can definitely benefit from if you want to determine the trends of your audience.

Next week, we will discuss search trends in more detail.  For writing or anything that you’re trying to accomplish, trends are important.  In understanding these trends, you can best target the audience.

I’ll see you next week!

Your friend in writing,


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