Me & My Muse – Day 1113: Monday Movie…

To put things brief, that is the plan.  I will be seeing a movie with my brother tonight.  After that, it will be time for bed.  I work at my usual time tomorrow, with my friend coming over later on.


Remedy:  Kyle!

What’s wrong?

Remedy: The Dark Muse…I think that she’s in our Muse!

Why would she?  Let me guess…She wanted to visit her “home” again…Well, this time, you’re going to be a baby when you visit, okay?

Remedy:  That’s just what we don’t need!  Remember what I said about how important it was for her to thrive…

If that Dark Muse is controlling her, she will fail to thrive.  We can’t have that!

Remedy:  She already said a new word.  She’s been trying to say it all day!

Let me guess.  “Tee hee”?

Remedy:  Yes.  When I heard her begin to say that, it sent chills down my spine…

How old is she today?

Remedy:  She’s 13 months old.  She’s not quite at the age where she’s beginning to learn her Intangible abilities.  She doesn’t start doing that for another couple months.

And her weight and height?

Remedy:  *sigh* If you insist… She’s 28 inches and 15.62 pounds.  She’s as tall as a 10 month old but only the weight of a 5 month old.

Well, that Dark Muse can’t do much inside her when she’s that young.

Remedy:  Well, she can drive us crazy by saying “tee hee” all the time…

Nurture:  Ahh!  Make it stop!

Remedy:  Took care of her?

Nurture:  Yes.  She’s in bed now.

Remedy:  Already?  I thought that you would’ve waited until 8:00.

Nurture:  Musie’s a little tired today.  She started saying her new favorite word today.  “Tee hee”.  I can’t stand it!  She’s been saying it all day…

Remedy: That Dark Muse is inside her, dear.  I know it.

Nurture:  But when could it have happened?

What about her nap yesterday?

Nurture:  You’re right!  It most certainly could’ve happened during that time…But that’s strange. She acted pretty normal…Especially when I was putting her to bed last night…

My guess was that the Dark Muse was sleeping inside her.  She finally woke up today.

Remedy:  That makes sense.  She has done that before in other forms…

That Dark Muse can’t stay.  We need her to thrive.

Remedy:  There’s a way to get her out.  Don’t worry.

It’s called “One Privilege”.

Remedy:  Won’t she just re-enter?

Not if I lock her out.

Remedy:  And what if she overrides the lock?  That Dark Muse is a pretty swift one…I better work on a countermeasure, just to be sure.  Enjoy the movie, Kyle!

Nurture:  Yes Kyle.  Please do!  Good night!

*Remedy and Nurture vanish in a beam of light*

With that Dark Muse back, that can’t be good.  It’s no surprise that she is, since she always returns.  I just can’t let her jeopardize my Muse’s adulthood.  If my Muse can’t thrive during this 100-day cycle, she’ll remain a baby forever…

Time to get ready for the movies.

The high for today is going to be 86 degrees and the silver lining is going to the movie tonight.

To those of you who like going to the movies, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.

Muse:  Tee-hee…tee-hee…tee-hee…tee-hee!


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