Me & My Muse – Day 1112: Another “Twos”day…

The weather has been very bipolar today.  First, it was raining.  Then, it was sunny.  Then it rained.  Now it’s sunny again.


Remedy:  That perfectly describes how Muse has been acting today.  First, she threw a tantrum.  Then, she was happy.  Then another tantrum.  And finally, we got her happy again.

Two again?

Remedy:  For you, yes.  But it’s the first time that we have seen her two.  She is actually 26 months, to be exact.  She’s 31 inches and 23.5 pounds,  The height of a 16 month old and the weight of an 18 month old.

So many figures.  Why, you could be a pediatrician!

Remedy:  I am, but only for my dear daughter.  If you want to see her, now’s your chance.  We’re about to get her ready for her n…


Muse:  Hi Kyle!  Hi Kyle!  Hi Kyle!  Hi Kyle!

Remedy:  Oh sweetie!  You’re not supposed to leave your house without an adult!

Muse:  Hi Kyle!  Come to woom!  Pway wif me!

*gets teleported with Muse to Muse’s room*

I guess I have no choice…Whoa!  Remedy.  Why is she not wearing any pants?  She’s just in a shirt and diaper…

Nurture:  Oh.  We fought with her with this all morning.  She threw a FIT when she was wearing pants.  She just didn’t want them on.

I think you went too easy.  We want her to thrive, remember?

Remedy:  Oh, we do.  We’re working on it.

Muse;  Pway wif me, Kyle!

What do you want to play?

Muse:  Tag!  You’re it!

(I can outrun her easily.  I better play along for now.)

Oh my!  You’re very fast!  How can I keep up!

*Muse continues running around the house*

Muse:  Tee hee! Kyle’s it!  Kyle’s it! Kyle’s it!

*pant* *pant*  Now YOU’RE it!

Muse;  Oh no!  Hee hee!  You’re it!

That was fast!

Nurture:  Musie dear, it’s time for your nap.  You can play with Kyle later.

Muse:  I pway Kyle more!

Nurture: You’ve played long enough.  I need to get you ready for your nap.

Muse:  I pway Kyle more!  I pway Kyle MORE!

Nurture:  Don’t you back sass me, or you’re going to get a spanking.


*entire house violently shakes*

What was that?

Remedy:  An Intangible toddler temper tantrum.


*lasers shoot out of Muse at Nurture*

Nurture:  Okay.  Fine honey.  Just a little longer…okay?

(Why is my Muse calling the shots?  They’re just getting walked on by a two-year old!  I could subdue her easily with my One Privilege!)

Muse:  Yay!!!!!

*20 minutes later*

Nurture:  Are you done playing now, dear?  You have got to be tired now.  Let mommy get you ready for your nap…

Muse: I tireded…

Remedy:  Thanks for playing with her.  See you tomorrow!

Bye Remedy!

*teleports back to reality*

*sigh*  I already miss my Muse being an adult.  As a baby, I can’t really have a real conversation with her.  And with her being a rambunctious toddler, I don’t know how much more of that I can take.  Just give her to me!  I can discipline her a lot better!  I can place her in a powerful forcefield and she won’t go anywhere!  I can block her powers so she can’t teleport me or use them.  And if she whines, I can put her into a deep sleep instantly.  Learn to be a parent again already!  They’ll learn.  It’s only their first time having her at two again…

Anyway, time to enjoy the rest of my day.  For the rest of Remedy’s and Nurture’s, I wish them luck.

Today’s high is going to be 85 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off.

To those of you who like hot Sundays, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Nurture:  Okay.  All ready for your nap!  Do you have to go potty?

Muse:  No!

Nurture:  But I already changed you and you didn’t go, sweetie.  Do you have to go?

Muse:   No!

Nurture:  (I’ll work on this later.  She IS getting toilet trained!)  Have a nice nap, dear.  Use the potty if you have to go, okay?  Use it like I showed you!

Muse:  Okay!

Nurture:  Have a nice nap!  Me and daddy will be in the other room if you need anything! Kisses!  Mwah!

Muse:  Mwah!

*Nurture leaves room and Muse falls asleep*

Dark Muse:  My home!  Tee hee!  My home!  Where is my home?  Where it always is!  Tee hee!

*Dark Muse teleports inside Muse’s room*

Dark Muse (whispering):  Aww!  It’s a cute little home!  She’s so cute, sleeping…It may be small, but I can still fit!  Tee hee!

*Dark Muse enters Muse*

Muse: *snore*  …pee pee…tee hee…