Me & My Muse – Day 1109: Toastmasthursday

My, am I on a role for creating these new words!

Tonight, I have a Toastmasters meeting.  And I will be speaking on my report on the E Division make-up TLI this past weekend.  What else is there?  That’s pretty much it for tonight.

I paid my little Muse a visit after I got off of work.  When I arrived, they were just putting her down for a nap.  She is now 19 months old.  In spite of this, she’s only 29 inches tall and only 19 pounds, the size of a 12-month old.  My, is she small!

I don’t know why she’s so small.  Is there another genetic code?  Could one of her relatives be really tiny?

Anyway, I am now going to get ready for this Toastmasters meeting…


Muse:  Ky-le!

*is teleported into Muse’s room*

Hey!  I didn’t do that!  Who teleported me?

Muse:  Hi Kyle!  Hiii!!!


Muse: Hi!


Muse: Hi!

Nurture:  Shhh!  Kyle!  I know that you want to see your Muse, but you can see her later.  She needs to take her nap.

I didn’t come here!  She teleported me here!

Nurture:  Oh!  She’s been doing that a lot lately!  I was sleeping in my bed this morning, and all of a sudden, I’m waking up in her room!  She just started doing that today.

It would be nice if she didn’t.  I need to get ready.

Nurture:  Just let her do it.  She’s learning how to use her powers!

I guess it’s okay, if I want her to turn out to be healthy.

Nurture:  There you go.  We want her to thrive.  Bye Kyle!

*teleports back to reality*

Okay.  If my Muse doesn’t teleport me back to her room again, I think I’ll end this one.

Today’s high is going to be 93 degrees and the silver lining is going to tonight’s Toastmasters meeting.

To those of you who like attending meetings, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Kyle!  Kyle!  *begins sobbing*  EHHHHHHAHHHHHH!!!!

Nurture:  It’s okay, Musie dear.  You’ll be able to see Kyle later, okay?

Muse:  I see Kyle!

Nurture:  No.  Later, honey!

Muse:  Later!