Me & My Muse – Day 1108: Ideationesday

Yup.  That’s basically what you get when you combine Ideation with Wednesday.

Today was the polar opposite of yesterday.  I got so much done at work and it was so much more manageable.  What might explain why yesterday was so unusually busy was that it was a full moon on Monday night.

Anyway, time for Ideation…


Remedy:  Just one second, Kyle.

What is it?

Remedy:  It’s our Muse.  She’s barely grown.

How old is she?

Remedy:  She’s a month old, and she has only grown an inch since birth.

Yes, but she does grow a lot more when she’s a toddler.

Remedy:  I know.  I just find it interesting to see what size she is.  I’ve been documenting all of this in a spreadsheet.  She’s always been a different age every day thus far.

Well, every age from infancy to toddlerhood.  What’s the oldest she’s been so far?

Remedy:  For us, it was 16 months.  And you should’ve seen her!  She was walking all over the place!

I’ve seen older. About six days ago, she was two years old.

Remedy:  Where specifically in the two year old range?

24 months.

Remedy:  Could there be a pattern that has to do with her aging?  Will she be certain ages on certain days?

I don’t know.  It just might be random.

Remedy:  Here.  I will take you to her.

*teleports with Remedy to Muse’s room*

Nurture:  Shh!  She’s sleeping

Aw!  She’s so cute resting in your lap…

Nurture:  She’s doing really well.  She’s on a normal feeding schedule.  This changes every day, since she’s a different age every day.  I seem to be following it well…


Nurture:  Oh!  I think she might need to be changed.  I’ll be right back!

I think that this is a good time to leave.

Remedy:  But isn’t she small?  She still looks like a newborn at one month!

How big was she was one month for the first time?

Remedy:  She weighed almost triple that much! During her first birth, she weighed 5.5 pounds.  How much was her weight at her second birth?

2.5 pounds.

Remedy:  She was 9.4 pounds   What was her length at birth?

15 inches.

Remedy:  She was 18.5 inches during her first birth!  She is now 16 inches, still smaller than her first birth at one month!  At one month, she was at 20.6 inches…

Well, it looks like she’s going to end up smaller.  Apparently, there are new genetics with this birth…

Anyway, I need to get ready for Ideation.  Bye Remedy!

Remedy:  Bye Kyle!

*teleports back to reality*

Well, I guess my Muse is going to end up being smaller this time around.  There is not much I can do to change that…

Time for Ideation.  I want to make sure that I’m all ready.

Today’s high is going to be 89 degrees and the silver lining is going to Ideation tonight.

To those of you who like attending activities, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Nurture:  From a size 3 to a newborn diaper again!  With all your different ages, I am going to have to have your diapers in every size!


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