Me & My Muse – Day 1106: NESday is Over…

With work over, getting my claim over and my friend gone, it is now time to rest.

In looking at today, it felt a little relieving.  I didn’t really have to do much tending to my Muse today.  Remedy has been doing a lot of this.  I have seen her earlier today, and she’s a little older than yesterday.  She’s two months old, but the size of a newborn.  Remedy has his hands full.  He has been by her side constantly.


Remedy:  Actually, Nurture is caring for her now.  I help her when she needs assistance.

Nurture?  She’s there?

Remedy:  Yes.  I didn’t want to tell you this until I was ready, but I think that the baby that Nurture just had was Muse again.

Again?  So Intangibles can be born a second time?

Nurture:  Yes they can.

Nurture?  But who’s caring for my Muse right now?

Nurture:  She’s sleeping right now, and you have an interdimensional baby monitor in your room, right?  Getting back to your question, yes.  Intangibles can be born multiple times.  It usually happens under special circumstances.

Special circumstances?

Remedy:  Well, you remember what happened with her, right?  She was in the hospital…

And I think this happened because of all the numerous forms that she went through in 100 days.  It was too much for her, and she lost her strength…

Remedy:  And as a result, she almost died…

Nurture:  But she didn’t.  What happened instead was that she underwent a different transformation.  You see, when Muses experience extreme conditions that lead to death, they undergo a unique transformation.  They experience birth a second time.

And that’s why my Muse disappeared for a short time.

Remedy:  *gasp* She did?

Nurture:  Now that you mentioned it, that’s actually when I started going into labor.  I felt a flash in my stomach, and just like that, she was gone again!

I saw it.  She was born outside your womb.  She reappeared where she disappeared. On the bed on the 1100th floor in the Tower of Muses.

Nurture:  So that’s what happened.  All I wanted to know was what happened to my dear Muse.  I’m so glad that Remedy found her.

How did you know that it was her and not a new child?

Nurture:  Oh, I knew that it was her!  If it was a new child, it would’ve been inside me for months…

Okay.  I guess I didn’t understand how Intangibles have kids…

Nurture:  It just occurred to me.  This has actually happened before, but not with me.  It was with another Intangible friend that I know…

What happened?

Nurture:  She gave birth to her child again.  But when the birth happened, the child disappeared from her womb!  She checked her bedroom and the child was laying in there.

How long did it take for that child to grow up?

Nurture:  100 days.  After that, she was an adult again.

Another Muse?

Nurture:  Yes.  Muses experience numerous transformation cycles throughout their lifetime…

Now, with my Muse, she’s be an adult in 100 days, right?

Nurture:  She will, but she will need a lot of care to thrive.

Remedy:  Yes.  These 100 days are the most critical part of her development.  We can’t neglect any area of her development.  Failure to do this can result in poor speech development, motor development and various other developmental problems.

Nurture:  Another Intangible friend told me about one of her kids.  She had a dear daughter that was bright and thriving.  After this daughter experienced a life-threatening experience, she unwent a rebirth cycle and became a baby again.  My friend thought nothing of it.  “Oh, she’ll be an adult in 100 days,” she thought.  100 passed, and she did nothing to care for her.  The daughter didn’t transform, she remained a baby.  She can’t even speak!  She can only cry.  And my friend is still taking care of her to this day.

Remedy:  That poor girl lost the ability to transform.  This is the most important thing for Muse to learn in her development.

When do they learn that?

Nurture:  Oh, they learn that when they’re a toddler.  They begin using their Intangible abilities and can change form or even size.


Nurture:  Oh!  My Musie!  I’m coming, my petite princess…

*Nurture vanishes in a beam of light*

Petite princess?  Was she always this small?

Remedy:  No.  She was actually a little bigger.

Does that mean that she’ll grow up to be a different size?

Remedy:  She could.  It’s her second birth so it will probably be something different.

I would imagine.  When she was two years old, she was the size of an 18 month old.  What size will she be as an adult?

Remedy:  I wouldn’t worry about that.  She’ll grow.  But I can’t stress her development enough.  If she fails to learn anything during this transformation, she won’t be able to speak, walk, or even transform.  She will remain a baby Muse forever.

That will not happen.  She will get the care that she needs and she will learn.

Remedy:  She will…Oh!  My wife…She’s calling me!

How can you hear her?

Remedy:  Intangibles can speak telepathically.  Didn’t you know?  I guess I never told you that.  It’s actually really convenient.  You need help?  I’m coming, honey!

*Remedy vanishes in a beam of light*


I’m so glad that Remedy and Nurture has everything under control.  So this transformation cycle is important.  My Muse must learn and thrive in this stage.  I will see to it that this happens.

Time for bed now.  I have another shift in the morning…

Today’s high is going to be 84 degrees and the silver lining is my friend coming over tonight.

To those of you who are enjoying this Monday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse:  Ehhh…

Nurture:  There we go, my dear.  Both mommy and daddy are here.  I’m going to read to you my favorite story.  It should still be your favorite, since I read it to you before.  Are you ready?  Here it goes…