Me & My Muse – Day 1105: Quiet Time

After going to small church, church, and having breakfast with my family and grandparents, it happened.  My sister was already gone and my parents left as well.  It is now quiet, and there is only one thing left to do.  Prepare for tonight’s E Division Council meeting at 7:00.  All I’m looking for is a general idea what Area Director’s goals are for the year.  That’s all.

I already checked my Muse this morning before I went to church.  I checked her again when I got back. Doing the calculations, she’s now only two weeks old.  With her aging up and down like this, it’s going to be very exhausting to take care of her.  It already is.

Just this morning, I did all I could do to get her to stop crying.  I changed her diaper.  I held her.  I fed her.  I told her a story.  I talked to her. I left her alone for a while.  Nothing I did could stop her crying.  Finally, I just left her there.  When I came back from church, she was not crying anymore.  She probably spent all the energy her tiny body had and fell asleep on her own.

A little later after I came back, she started crying again.  I went through the whole routine again.  She was still crying.  This has happened three times in just this afternoon alone. My Muse is only two weeks old.  How am I going to handle her when she’s older?  With her aging up and down, I already know that she’s going to be a handful at two years old.  I just hope that she doesn’t turn two anytime soon.  I can barely handle her at two weeks.  How am I going to take care of my Muse when I’m so sapped for energy?



No!  Not again!  I just put her down for a nap!  Everyone.  She is not going to quiet down.  I have already tried everything.  Nothing works.


Oh, I wish I could just smash this interdimensional baby monitor.  But if I did that, I wouldn’t be able to know when my Muse needed something.  And if I don’t take care of my Muse, who will?

I’m coming, Muse!  Daddy’s coming!

*teleports to the Realm of Imagination and enters Muse’s room*

Well, it can’t be a diaper change.  I already changed her a few minutes ago…PEW!  How do you already need to be changed again?  Oh yeah.  She’s an Intangible child.  It must have to do with that…

*Muse spits up all over her crib*

No!  Not another mess!  Here.  Let me change you…

*Muse’s stomach growls*


Are you hungry again?  I just fed you!


AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!  I love you, but could you please age about three decades?

Remedy:  How’s my dear daughter doing?  Are you out of the hospital yet?

Remedy!  She’s not in the hospital, but she’s become a baby!

Remedy:  That’s very interesting that you should mention that.  Nurture, my wife, just had a baby.

She did?  Is it a boy or a girl?

Remedy:  I don’t know.  Before it came out, it just vanished from her womb.


Remedy:  Oh Musie dear! Hold on!  Daddy’s got you…


She stopped!  How did you do that?

Remedy:  She knows who you are.  She just wanted to be with her father, that’s all.  Isn’t that right, my petite princess?

Now go back.  This baby that Nurture had VANISHED from her womb?  Is this normal for Intangible births?

Remedy:  It’s not very common.  It usually only happens when an Intangible is born a second time or beyond that.

An intangible can be born more than once?

Remedy:  Absolutely.  I can’t remember all the details as to how it happens but the same intangibles can be reborn in their mother’s womb.

That is totally weird.  What does this do to their development?

Remedy:  They are just like any other Intangible growing up.  Their original memories from their adult form are still dormant inside of them…

Do you think that my Muse was born from Nurture again?

Remedy:  I am not sure.  I have heard cases that babies that disappear from the womb can also be miscarriages.  I’ve got her, Kyle.  You can go back if you like.

Thanks Remedy.  It has been very exhausting taking care of her.  All I can say is brace yourself.

Remedy:  Ha!  I think that you have to remember that I’ve done this once before.  I can do it again.

But your age…

Remedy:  I am an Intangible.  Aging doesn’t have the same effect on me as it does on you.  Why, I have as much energy now as I did when I first took care of her…

Thank you.  Let me know if you need help.

Remedy:  I will!

*teleports back to reality*

Remedy can have her for a while.  I’m exhausted.

That now begs the question.  Was my Muse really born a second time?  Remedy mentioned that Nurture just had a baby and that it disappeared from her womb.  Could it have been my Muse?  Come to think of it, I do remember my Muse disappearing from her bed for a short time when I visited her at the Tower of Muses…

Anyway, it’s time that I prepare this meeting.  I’ll figure this out later.

Today’s high is going to be 82 degrees and the silver lining is having this day off.

To those of you who are enjoying this Sunday, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Remedy:  She’s now fast asleep.  There you go, dear.  I think that I know what is going on with her, but I am not going to tell Kyle until I have all the information.  I want to be sure that this is what’s going on.  With her asleep, I need to contact Nurture.  Nurture!  I think that I found your child.  Our child…