Me & My Muse – Day 1101: One Man and a Baby

What can I say about today?  Work was awesome and productive.  Taking care of my Muse on the other hand has been very exhausting.

At her house, I have transformed her room into a nursery.  You could say that I have done that literally.  Everything that she needs is there.  Her crib, changing table, stuffed animals, bottles, diapers…everything.

And with the One Privilege, I am able to determine what age she is.  I can also also scan her to determine what weight and height she is so that I can put her in clothes that fit her.

So having that said, bring it on!  I’m ready to endure the 100 days of raising a Muse-child!  I know your adult form well, and waiting to see that again is well worth the wait.



She’s crying.  I have an inter-dimensional baby monitor hooked up in my room so I know when she is waking up.  She probably needs another change.

*teleports to the Realm of Imagination and enter’s Muse’s room*


Ahdadada? Kyle’s here.  Don’t worry…

*lifts up Muse and sets her on changing table*

*sniff* Yup.  She’s definitely due for another change.  Now you all don’t need to see this going on, so cue the background time lapse…

*one diaper change later*

There we go.  I see that you can still fit into your newborn clothes.  And how old are you…Wow!  5 months?  You were just born yesterday!  I would expect you to grow a lot more in five months! You only grew five inches since your birth!

Muse:  La-dll-dll-dll-dll…

Ladlldlldlldll?  I don’t what that means, but daddy loves you anyway.  You still look tired, so back in you go!

*places Muse back into crib*

Daddy isn’t too far away, so if you need anything, just holler!  Daddy loves you…

Muse: A-da-da-dll-dll!!

Yeah.  Whatever you said.  Bye Muse!

*teleports back to room*

Well, I’ll hear her in the monitor if she needs me.  Time to get ready for Ideation!

The high for today is going to be 89 degrees and the silver lining is going to Ideation tonight.

To those of you who like to brainstorm, I hope that you all have a fantastic day.


Muse: A-brrrbl-brrrbl-brrrrblllllllllll!!!! Ah-brr-brr-bah!!