Me & My Muse – Day 1100B: A New Muse is Born

I quietly awoke and rubbed my eyes.  My Muse was still there, sleeping peacefully on the bed.  With each breath that I heard from her, it made me all the more glad that she was alive.  I thought that she was dead.  In coming up to the top of this tower, I was ready to bury her.  Ready to say goodbye to my agent of creativity forever.  With 100 days of nonstop transformations, her body could take no more, and this resulted in what was the scariest transformation that I have ever seen from my Muse.  She was dying.  I was losing her fast.  And there was nothing I could do to help her.  In seeing the gravity of the whole situation, things really felt hopeless.

But my Muse is not one to give up.  She fought with every ounce of strength that she had, and was able to outwit death itself.  With her quietly resting now, it is almost like every breath is saying “See, death?  You can’t stop me!”

My Muse slept on.  I anxiously waited, lying next to her, hoping to catch a glimpse of what she would transform into next.  The past 100 days were very busy for her.  With her being a different form each day, she never had a day off.  Not until now.  This was her chance to sleep it off.

But for how long?  Could this be the transformation where she sleeps for 100 days?  Having experienced the various transformations that she underwent, having a coma Muse wouldn’t be something that I would rule out.

The anxiety overtook me as my eyelids grew heavier.  I fell asleep, and was quickly awakened to a bright flash of light.  Here it is.  Her next transformation.

The flash stopped, and then I realized something that sent chills down my spine.  She was gone.  How long was I asleep?

Then it hit me.  Most of the flashing went on while I was sleeping.  I just woke up when the flashing was ending.  But it made no sense.  Why would the flash make her disappear?

Another flash of light entered the room, with a small radiant body appearing.  All I could see was shape of the body, since there was so much light emanating from it.  It was a small figure made of light.  No.  It was wrapped in it, like a garment…

As the light dissipated, I began to see the form.  It was my Muse, but she was very small.  Tinier than an infant.  Her eyes were closed and her hands were clenched together.  Could she…Is my Muse a newborn baby?

My Muse began to wail.  As she laid there, helpless, her wailing became louder and louder.

I shook my head in disbelief.  Am I really seeing this?  Did my Muse just transform into a baby?  Why then did she disappear for a short time?

“WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” my Muse wailed.  This was becoming very unbearable, so I had to do something about it.  Was she hungry?  Did she need a diaper change?

I glanced at my Muse to check.  She was completely naked and covered in vernix.  I lifted her up and wrapped her in one of the covers.  Her crying slowed down.  Her eyes were still shut.

I looked around and gasped.  Something baffled me even more.  Where was her mother?  How can a baby be born away from her mother?  But this was my Muse, and I didn’t have a clear understanding on how Intangibles were born.

I unwrapped my Muse and used my One privilege to generate some supplies to take care of her.  I put a newborn diaper on her and gently wrapped her back in the blanket.

As she lay there peacefully in her tiny body, a sudden horror filled my mind.  My Muse is going to be a baby for the next 100 days!  How am I going to take care of her?

My Muse started to wail again.

Let the great sanity test begin.


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